Annoying popup when Aol signs on.

  SB23 18:10 28 Feb 2009

Just in the last few days I've been getting a very annoying popup when Aol signs on.
When it opens its got the heading of "click here" and is an empty box.
I'm assuming its an ad for something, but for the life of me, I cannot get rid of it.
I have Googled, and know that other Aol users are getting this, but have not come across a fix. Any ideas?



  SB23 18:12 28 Feb 2009

Sorry, didn't mean for it to become a link, and its not found on this server, sorry again.

  feb 18:28 28 Feb 2009

When posting a link that you don't want to be a link, just put in a space, not to worry. it's only a problem when it's a dodgy site!

It seems this has been around in the US for a few months and the answer is Keyword "search window" then select "opt out" but this dosn't work for me.

The pop up is from Adtech which caused a problem last year, it will probably go away on it's own!!

  Graphicool1 18:31 28 Feb 2009

Do AOL have splash screens? Perhaps that's what it should be. Go into AOL and see if there is any reference to a splash screen, if there is and you can, turn it off.

  rdave13 18:39 28 Feb 2009

If it's this one, http: //aka -cdn-ns.adtech. de/apps/258/Ad2220290St3Sz1106Sq2552888V2Id5//index.html ?ADTIME=846106691&ADCLICK=http%3A// com /adcount%7C2.0%7C517%7C1934958%7C0%7C1106%7CAdId%3D2220290%3BBnId%3D5%3Bct%3D3626639619%3Bst%3D488%3Badcid%3D1%3Bitime%3D846106691%3Breqtype%3D5 then it brings up AOL search for me. Sometimes it pops-up.

  rdave13 18:41 28 Feb 2009

Oops, the link has overflowed in the thread. Apologies.

  SB23 18:43 28 Feb 2009

Thats the one!

Glad to know that its not just me thats having problems with links, lol!

  rdave13 18:47 28 Feb 2009

Who else but AOL could make it happen..:{

  SB23 18:52 28 Feb 2009

I know, but its even more annoying the fact that its seems, from what I've already read, a problem related to Aol only.
I had to stop, because the more I read, the more I want to change ISP's, but that's another thread me thinks.

  realist 20:34 28 Feb 2009

If you google AOL and ADtech you'll find that in 2007 AOL bought ADTECH AG, a German based online ad-serving company.

They're presumably now in the process of foisting it onto AOL subscribers woldwide.

I've noticed this annoying pop-up only in the last couple of days and there semms to be no way of escaping it, save deleting AOL.

  provider 2 22:42 28 Feb 2009

Same thing here and only in the past couple of days. They`re experimenting again and, as usual, nobody has thought to tell us what`s going on, but why should they, we`re only their blooming customers!

The last time this happened it was this same ADtech thing but it could be stopped using:

Settings> Preferences> Pop-Ups> Block Web pop-ups

This time, though, I can`t get that to work. Does anyone know how to block it? The url is too long to fit into the block animated media section and I don`t know if that would stop it anyway.

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