Annoying Monitor Problem

  stuh90 01:48 14 Mar 2008

Ok so basically, heres what happened...

I was up all night on the PC until about 3am the other night, talking to some friends, my PC was perfectly fine, didn't notice any problems at all..

Anyways I turned it off and went to sleep, then woke up and went straight to College.. When I got home at around 6, I turned my PC on to find it no longer worked fine, my Monitor stays on the standby light, and does NOT come out of it at all, it acts like... it's turned on, but my PC is turned off.

Anyways, I'm using the monitor now to post off one of my old computers, so nothing wrong with it.. I tried some other things too:

Another PCI-E Graphics Card
Trying my Master HDD in another PC
Removing and Re seating EVERYTHING in the PC

Everything is running like it normally would, there's no physical damage either.

One thing I have noticed that is slightly odd, even if I take my RAM out, it does not make the error beep when I start my computer up.. strange.

The PC is self built.. I only built it about a month ago, I'm totally stumped on what it could be, as I do not have the resources to try each component one by one to narrow it down :(

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  DieSse 01:55 14 Mar 2008

These are the typical symptoms of

A faulty motherboard

PSU problem

RAM problems

A connection issue with the processor

In my experience, probably in that order.

Unfortunately the ONLY way to consistently troubleshoot such problems is by tackling possible faulty items one at a time.

Otherwise you're simply guessing.

  DieSse 01:58 14 Mar 2008

I should also add, that it may be worth starting with the "cheapest to try" first - even if that's not the most likely.

  stuh90 02:03 14 Mar 2008

well since im a student i cant really afford to be spending money on things that I don't necessarily need so I guess tomorrow I'll try my best to try out the components..

I also forgot to mention in my first post that I tried another (100% working) Power Supply and it still didn't fix the problem, so I guess that's off the list too..

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