annoying message on booting up

  bendigo 11:25 22 Oct 2005

I posted this query last year sometime but the answers didn't refer to the precise message which I will repeat in full:- 'windows cannot find'monitor.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button and then click search.
when I posted this query before I stated that I had never typed the name, nor would I know where or why I would need to. Can anyone help me get rid of this annoying message. Closing it has no effect on the computer, it works fine.

  johnnyrocker 11:38 22 Oct 2005

if you have xp click on the start button and from the menu select search then file or folders and see if it will find it, as it is an exe you may find it in add/remove progs from the control panel.


  MAJ 11:41 22 Oct 2005

You're getting that error message because something called "monitor.exe" is trying to start at bootup. It could be part of a legit program that has a corrupt file, or it could have been part of spyware that has long since been removed by an anti-virus scan, but the entry for it remains in "msconfig", the "Autoexec.bat" file, the "Config.sys" file or the registry. You will have to check those places for a mention of the file and delete that 'mention'. Check "msconfig" first.

If you're using an operating system which is Win98 or newer, try renaming the "Autoexec.bat" file and the "Config.sys" files to "Autoexec.old" and the "Config.old" respectively. Then rebooot your PC, if you no longer get the error message then you know where the problem was. The "Autoexec.bat" file and the "Config.sys" are not needed in Operating systems newer than Win 98.

If that doesn't cure the problem then search the registry for the file "Monitor.exe" and report back where it was found and which program it is related to.

  Stuartli 12:20 22 Oct 2005

Doing a Search in Files and Folders should bring it up and its location.

  SANTOS7 12:22 22 Oct 2005

click here
this may help..

  SANTOS7 12:27 22 Oct 2005

monitor.exe is flagged as a system process and does not appear to be a security risk. However, removing Monitor may adversly impact your system.
click here
info taken from here...

  MAJ 12:41 22 Oct 2005

monitor.exe can be related to a few applications, one of them being a browser hijacker and another being the W32.HLLW.Shower.J worm.

  SANTOS7 12:52 22 Oct 2005

Scanning for, as possible spyware/virus would be a good start, seems to be one of those innocent processes hiding something more sinister, and trying to get rid of it by process of elimination is the way to go..

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