Annoying intrusion !

  curlylad 01:36 03 Apr 2004

A friend had his new PC arrive whilst he was at work , his son decided to set it up and before antivirus , firewall , pop-up stopper , ad-aware , spybot etc etc etc , were installed he thought it would be a good idea to visit a porn site .Well you can imagine pop up central is now his monitor with naked flesh a plenty !
He's told me that it created an icon on his desktop and after right click , delete ,it just comes back .I also told him to look in add/remove programs and delete from there but still no luck.I've pointed him towards installing my earlier suggestions and seeing if they will deal with it , but in the next few days I will go round to his and have a look at purgeing it so my question is , what is the fool proof way of getting rid of this sort of intrusion once it has got its claws into your PC ?
Thanks in advance .

  Djohn 02:10 03 Apr 2004

Hi curlylad. You could spend quite a few hours trying to find and eliminate anything that is on there, especially if it's as bad as you say.

Seeing that it's brand new it may be quicker to use the Restore CD (If it has one) and reset the PC back to factory condition and start again.
This time make sure he has the necessary protection of a good anti-virus program, also the programs you mention in your post.

Good luck. j.

  curlylad 02:23 03 Apr 2004

Cheers , being as he has just purchased the puter I assume he has the relevant disc.
As you say , the priority is then installing adequate protection.Some good out of it though , it highlights to a complete beginner the relevance of good security measures.Before it arrived at his home I copied down a list of 'to do' prioritys but as I explained earlier , not his fault.
Again thanks for help.Having said all that if he has no disc , is there a software he can download and use to get rid of such things ?

  hugh-265156 02:23 03 Apr 2004

spybot and adaware take care of most nasites with ease.

is your friend using dial up? if so i would disconnect the modem physicaly from the phone line as if it is a porn dialer your friend could get a very nasty surprise when they receive the phone bill as most of these change the isp`s dial up number to a costly premium rate one.

you could download spybot,adaware and the latest detection updates for your friend and burn to cdr and bring them with you when you visit.

install and manually update both before running and remove anything they find before attempting to connect to the internet again.

before running them both i would delete the item/s you mention on the desktop then click "start/run" type "msconfig" and tick the "start up" tab and untick any reference to the dialer if it is listed here(if it is a dialer that is)restart the computer and run spybot and adaware.

ps.if your friend has a broadband connection to the internet its not so much of a worry as dialers cannot dial out on a broadband connection.

get the latest version of spybot and the tools and detection updates from click here (to update manually just run the installer and point it to the spybot programs folder)get adaware and latest reference file updates click here (to update adaware manually just cut and paste the "reflist.ref" file into the adaware program files folder an replace the old one)

after removing the nasties i would install and then update spywareblaster click here this will stop most spyware,nasties etc from getting back on in the first place.

hope that helps a bit maybe.

  curlylad 02:33 03 Apr 2004

Cheers matey , I think with you , Djohn and myself we just about have it covered now .Again thanks for the suggestions .

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