Annoying emails

  chochi 12:45 18 Aug 2007

I have had the Internet for over 6 years now and never had any bother with "Spam" until about 2 weeks ago. I am now getting 3 or 4 a day, mostly saying a "friend", "neighbour" etc has sent an ecard. I use OE and have added the names to blocked senders list, but is there any way I can stop them altogether. I am using BT and I use a firewall, Anti Virus and Spyware to keep a check on my computer. I think this is more annoying than dangerous to my computer, but I would just like to be rid of it.

  SANTOS7 12:51 18 Aug 2007

click here

try this...

  birdface 13:12 18 Aug 2007

Probably something you downloaded about 2 weeks ago and you had to enter your e-mail address,I had the same problem when I downloaded a free Back up program Arconis 7 free version.Had nothing but a load of spam after I downloaded it.,I then Downloaded E-Prompter and I can now open and delete e-mails before they get into my E-Mail here I believe that you can use up to 16 different e-mail addresses with it. I found out the hard way,Have at least 2 e-mail addresses.One for the use of family and friends only.And the other for when you have to part with your e-mail address.With Hotmail set to high e-mail security you only get family and friends or secure businesses that you have saved.

  €dstowe 13:16 18 Aug 2007

Be very careful with those ecard mailings. It is said they contain some kind of worm.

  martjc 13:17 18 Aug 2007

...but just ignored it and deleted the messages - after a few weeks it stopped and hasn't happened since.

  chochi 13:32 18 Aug 2007

If they did contain a worm, would it only be "active" if the email attachment or link was opened. How would I get rid of a worm?

  Stuartli 13:48 18 Aug 2007

If you use Outlook Express and don't have the Preview Pane Disabled (preferably permanently), then one click on a suspect e-mail could/can set the nasties in action.

With the Preview Pane Disabled you can highlight an e-mail and Delete it using the Toolbar's Delete button.

The e-mail header and message can also be read if required by again highlighting and right clicking.

If doubtful, keep Cancelling and then use the Delete button

  Procrastinus 17:44 18 Aug 2007

I can thoroughly recommend Mailwasher, and endorse buteman's comment about using multiple addresses. We recently sold our house and I used a special address just for that purpose. Now the house has been sold, the address has been deleted taking all the spam with it!

  chochi 23:50 19 Aug 2007

I downloaded Mailwasher last night.The set up was very quick and I find it is very easy to use.Thanks for all the advice.

  €dstowe 06:36 20 Aug 2007

Regarding the worm in ecards, yes, it does require opening and clicking on a link, I believe.

Not having opened one, I can't say for certain.

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