Annoying contributions,

  Miros 14:06 23 Apr 2007

Am I alone in getting annoyed with members on this forum who make a posting asking for help then after getting a reply, don't have the courtesy to answer. It matters not if it is helpful or unhelpful either way I for one would like to know, it's all part of the learning curve.

I suppose it could be they have met their demise which is most unfortunate to say the least but there does seem to be a great many postings like this, which also by the way go unresolved.

  MAJ 14:16 23 Apr 2007

No,you're not alone, Miros, but it has been happening since (I suppose) the forum started.

  EARLR 14:20 23 Apr 2007

At least tick resolved so we don't waist our time looking.

  jam500 14:25 23 Apr 2007

There has also been alot of "I know this is not the right forum BUT". 14:26 23 Apr 2007

my first post was last july, i had just bought the pc, i posted it and no replies for the first couple of days, i was very green and forgot about it, i checked back a couple of weeks later, there were 3 replies and one of them was 'thanking' me for zero feedback.
so i appologised and have since made sure i keep on track with monitoring the replies, because it's free priceless advice and manners also cost nothing. But i guess there is nothing you can do if your machine has died on you

  six-h 14:28 23 Apr 2007

Perhaps,those poor souls are still clinging to the hope that the nugget of information they so badly need will still come if they leave the thread open.Alternatively, they may, as I have several times, done something which seemed like a good idea,and found that they have severed thier connection and cannot now get the help they need. (I did something foolish which seemed like a good idea at the time, and found my DSL connection was lost. - took me 4 hrs floundering in the dark to re establish contact - scary!!)
I think most of us,particularly novices like me are in awe of those who not only have the knowledge, but who are also sufficiently generous of spirit to take the time to share it with us.I think most of us are at worst, guilty of carelessness, and would not intetionally cause offence :-)

  Miros 14:32 23 Apr 2007

Didn't you get notifications in your mail box? and if so how often do you read your mail.
If your machine is dead there is always the local library, Internet cafe ,your mates. If your miles from all these and have no mates, you have my sympathy.

  Dipso 15:20 23 Apr 2007

It's quite frustrating when several members offer replies and you don't know which if any solution helped. I need closure! lol!

Or perhaps the forum keeps going down and they can't be bothered keep trying to post back ;)

  Miros 15:39 23 Apr 2007

Strange the forum's not down when I check up to see if there has been an answer!

  pj123 17:15 23 Apr 2007

No, you are not alone. It has been voiced many times before.

It isn't compulsory to respond, although it would be nice to know how the problem was solved. It could also be that the person concerned is so "over the moon" that the problem has been solved it doesn't occur to them to post a resonse. Or maybe they have gone on holiday and when they come back they have forgotten etc....

I always make a point of responding and saying thanks to any problem I have posted that has been solved. I have also had many thanks from members that I have been able to solve their problem. The latest thanks today.

I also check "My Postings" about once a month to see if I have missed any that could be ticked.
And I always say "If you notice any of My Postings that I have missed that should be ticked, please let me know".

It's not a problem. Some people come on the site and post for help. Once they have the help they require you never see them again.

  Pineman100 18:27 23 Apr 2007

I'm one of the less computer-literate posters on this forum, and I have benefitted enormously from the many expert answers that I've had to my questions. I've tried to give back what I can at the simple end of the scale, but it's nothing like as much as I've received.

I can well understand that you expert advice-givers get frustrated with people who don't give feedback, don't say a simple thank-you and don't close threads. I always try to do all of these things, but I think it's probable that I occasionally forget.

In defence of those like me, I can only tell you this. Sometimes it takes several days of sifting through generously-given advice to finally arrive at the solution to a stubborn problem. Once you do, you're so thrilled to be free of the worry and to have your computer working properly again that you can forget about doing "the right thing".

So I do sincerely apologise for myself and all those like me who may have done this. We really appreciate every bit of help that's given, and hope you'll understand if we sometimes forget to tidy up the loose ends.

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