Annoying connection via mobile phone

  Chegs ®™ 03:13 19 Feb 2009

I live in a smallish town on the north west coast of england.I have a PAYG mobile on the O2 network which I connect via bluetooth to my laptop for occasions when I'm out & about to obtain internet connectivity.Until today,I could connect to the net & chat to my friends on MSN messenger from wherever I might be.Today though,I was in the city of York and although I could get connected to browse webpages (albeit slowly) my messenger client would not connect for longer than 30 seconds.After an hour or so of totally onesided conversation,I gave up & packed all the kit away.I then phoned my mate and we chatted for the remaining hour until my GF & daughter returned to the car(they were at a rugby match)Where I was parked,my phone was receiving a fullscale signal and it disconnected repeatedly(approx 30 seconds) whereas at home I get a lower signal yet am able to connect for as long as I wish.The signal difference & the fact that at home the laptop runs on mains would seem to indicate that when on battery power the messenger client somehow loses the ability to maintain a connection.Though if this was the cause,then surely whenever I go wandering in my home town I would suffer even more disconnections as the signal strengths are lower?

Any suggestions?

  mgmcc 12:02 19 Feb 2009

It is possible that, in your "smallish town on the north west coast of england", traffic on the O2 network is very much less than in York. I don't know for certain but, if the network is congested, priority might be given to voice calls over data calls, resulting in interruptions to your connection. The signal strength is dependent on your proximity to the transmitter, so that won't be affected by network traffic/congestion.

  Chegs ®™ 16:53 19 Feb 2009

Thank for the response,I hadnt really given it much thought but that sounds plausible.

It certainly was infuriating at the time.

Next trip to York,I'll go watch the match. :)

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