Annoying background around picture...urgent...

  Rickyv 18:29 23 Mar 2005

For GCSE graphics i have to make a package. I have made a net using drawplus 7 and am trying to put a picture onto the net. I used pro paintshop 9 to crop the image and then pasted it onto the net but there is still a white background around the picture. How can i get it so that i only get the picture??? and no background to it? please help...urgent

  pauldonovan 18:55 23 Mar 2005

.. I'm no expert, especially in Paint Shop, but if you can get your drawplus picture into Paint Shop I think it will be easier. Then make sure your background colour (prob. best on both images) is set to the background colour of the picture (white) and copy it, then select Paste then 'As transparent selection' and it should now be without the white border....

  Schmooziphisus 18:59 23 Mar 2005

Doesn't it depend on the format of the file as well? I seem to remember that jpgs can't handle transparancy but gifs can, but then they're rubbish. Correct me if im wrong, been a while since photo editing.

  pauldonovan 19:04 23 Mar 2005

.. yes, but if he isn't saving it, just manipulating it in one photo package you haven't yet decided the file format and so it shouldn't matter.

  EdFrench 19:51 23 Mar 2005

You can try making sure that the image 'Canvas' is the same size as the 'image'
If the canvas is larger you will get a border unless the transparency is set to full.

  alB 20:42 23 Mar 2005

Open your picture in PSP9, choose the background eraser tool and carefully go around the image, you can change the density and hardness of the remover to get a better edge, when you are happy, copy and paste over your other picture...alB

  canard 22:44 23 Mar 2005

click here handy for making backgrounds transparent but only works with GIFs.

  Rickyv 08:08 24 Mar 2005

nah its not a gif image. i still havent managed to do it. any other ideas? if you want to have a go and you have drawplus then give me your msn address and ill send it to you.

  Sans le Sou 11:29 24 Mar 2005

when you remove the background as per alB you need to transfer the edited pic in the same programme otherwise the white bit returns. Can you send the net to paintshop pro and then paste on your edited picture.

  johnnyrocker 12:16 24 Mar 2005

click here


  pauldonovan 21:32 25 Mar 2005

Can you get it out of Drawplus into something some of us can work with ?! I.e. can you export / copy + paste the net out ? Worst case do a screen print (Print Screen key) and then paste into paintshop and you should have your net image. Then follow other advice above.

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