Annoying automatic internet connection

  Daveyo 20:06 06 Apr 2003

I currently have windows xp pro and use microsoft outlook for e-mail etc, however there is a very annoying habit that when I power on,the internet connection wants to automatically connect and tries to until I have to cancel the dial up, it does this many times. Can someone help cure this problem.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:12 06 Apr 2003

This problem can be a number of reasons,
Is there a tick in the Auto-connect box (Sorry not sure in XP where this it resides),
Then it could be a software programme wanting registration or a hidden popup wanting a registration.

Or is there a driver missing/incorrect in your hardware-device manager?.

It could be that XP wants a update from the Windows update site. Let it connect, where does the connection want to go to like website ?.

  spikeychris 20:14 06 Apr 2003

1, Whose your ISP? 2, check your startup folder to see if its in there 3, check scheduled tasks in control panel to see if theres anything set to run 4, set your ISP to never dial a connection from internet options.


  Richard Madeley 21:28 06 Apr 2003

Loads of Programs will try to auto-connect to the Internet for updates.

I had the same problem.

Check which programs are loading at Start Up. click Start/Run/msconfig (if you didn't know).

Then have a look at the preferences for each of these programs and turn off auto-update feature.

Zone Alarm was my culprit.

  Steinman 23:20 06 Apr 2003

I had same problem with RealOne player.Richard Madeley is correct -many progs try to dial out & 'phone home' as it were.
Having a firewall may help you establish what progs are trying to escape too. Could be spyware.Can block um thru firewall.

  artist 09:42 07 Apr 2003

I've got xp home. Have had the same 'problem' since I installed Pop up Stopper. Not too much of a problem though - I can live with it.:o)

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