Annoying arrow on shortcuts

  panhandle 12:41 26 Jan 2004

Does anybody know how to have a shortcut on the desktop with new icon [that's easy, change it] but WITHOUT that little arrow in the corner?
Thank you!

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:44 26 Jan 2004

This little proggy u can use to remove the arrows and lots of other things, here


  scotty 12:45 26 Jan 2004

There is a program called Tweak (available from Microsoft I think) which allows you to control many aspects of Windows. I recall that it has the option of removing the arrow.

  hugh-265156 12:47 26 Jan 2004
  scotty 12:49 26 Jan 2004

click here

to download TweakUI

  Lionheart ? 14:32 26 Jan 2004

Just download Avant Browser that function is there plus many others.

  Audeal 15:39 26 Jan 2004

panhandle: May I suggest you read this thread first, before you do anything.

click here

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