annoying ads IN pages....

  end 02:24 16 May 2004

???is there an easier way than here

I am just getting so FED UP with them....

  Robotic_Rob 02:32 16 May 2004

Get Zone Alarm Pro, Its the best ive used. Its A Firewall and you can also stop pop ups, ads, animation,nasty email attachments, cookie/control them.

  end 02:42 16 May 2004

one point;;I HATE firewalls; been there and done that, and nearly wiped of valuable files after taking it off as it DROVE ME NUTTY!!!!! any other idea...???

  end 20:38 16 May 2004

???IS there an easier way than a firewall ( apart from dragging me away with the white coats......)??or do I have to just "live with it"?????

  stalion 20:55 16 May 2004

do not understand your problem with firewalls can not recollect anyone having a problem with them on here before.Regards

  shizzy 21:01 16 May 2004

You need a firewall.

  Graham ® 21:07 16 May 2004

?????? I hATE PeOple WHo USE capitals AND !!! to TRY to make THEIR point WHO dOn't realise the VALUE of PUnctuatiOn AND paragraphs TO make it EASY to read.

  gudgulf 21:41 16 May 2004

Try norton internet security 2004--It has a good av program,firewall and is good at stopping in-site adverts.At least it lets me use this forum/pc advisor site ad free!

I dont mind most adverts--its just quicker on dial-up without them.

The important thing about Norton 2004 as far as you are concerned is that the default settings let it all run with wery few popup warnings or other annoyances. I know from your previous postings on this topic that these drove you to cause havoc on your system when using/removing zone alarm.

  Valvegrid 22:15 16 May 2004

If there were no adverts, there would be internet worth looking at, it's got to be paid for somehow.

  end 22:15 16 May 2004

my Guard IE stops the pop ups , but it is the ads IN pages that annoy me. and the BTYahoo thing has them in abundance!!!

  Steven135 22:17 16 May 2004

Norton Security 2004 stops adds in page

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