Aninmation help required

  slowhand_1000 16:04 17 Mar 2004

I have been asked to do a site for a friend’s relative. I did a mock-up and although he likes the design he wants "movement, something to catch their eye" His words not mine.

His original site has a Flash movie that appears on three pages (home being one of them) so I gather he does like animation.

I found an area on the site that I could insert some animation, which consists of about seven thumbnail size jpgs, to create a small slide show.

Java. I ran the animation using Java, which looked fine in IE (nice fade, no juddering) but on testing it with Opera the animation would not run. I did notice that a lot of scripts I looked at said only compatible with IE. The one I looked didn’t say that so I assumed it would work across the board.

Gifs. I have tried converting the images to gifs, but because they contain some drop shadow the image looks very poor. Or at least I think that’s the reason. The animation will be sitting in between 2 other static jpg images so it has to look of similar quality.

As for Flash, I have not used Flash before though I have some tutorials and have access anytime to a pc with Flash if required.

So coming back to my question. What would be my best course to take? If that course does not involve any outlay i.e. programs, then that would be great.

One final point. His site is accessed by a lot of schools, colleges and institutions. Would I be right in thinking that some of them will have Java disabled through their admin?



  tbh72 16:29 17 Mar 2004

You haven't said what program you are using, but in FP in the past I have used the banner AD feature to load images giving the illussion of animation. Is this an option that might be open to you?

  tbh72 16:50 17 Mar 2004

click here should be a multiplatform script, it's also an excellent resource to compliment the Book.

  slowhand_1000 17:33 17 Mar 2004


Sorry, new I would miss something out. I am using Dreamweaver MX. Thanks for the link I shall have a look at the script.

Using the pc with Flash that you have access to would seam like the best idea but both Coffee cup Firestarter and Swish are easier to use and you can download 30 day trials of each which should give you ample time to knock up a batch of animations if you decide not to hang on to them.

sorry I dont have the links for you but but you'll find them on this forum or straight away in google.

Don't be put off by how technical Flash looks and the fact that a lot of folk dont seem to like it, what they really object to is massive flash movies that take ages to load.

  Taran 22:28 17 Mar 2004

I agree with horiz5.

CoffeeCup Firestarter is a superb little program and SWiSH offers you a very serious Flash development environment without anything like the learning curve of Flash.

Having said that, although both are fine for general to quite advanced work, nothing really compares to Flash once you get to the more complex projects.

In this case though, Firestarter or SWiSH would more then suffice.

Firestarter is click here

SWiSH is click here

Another one that may be of interest is Anim-FX click here

It's template driven and ships with about 50 or so templates. You fill in the text you want and that's it. It can be a bit limited but it's ideal for quick banners and Flash text splash screens. It also has a free trial for you to play with.

Finally, have you looked at some of the browser behaviours built into Dreamweaver ?

Assuming you have your panels active on the right side of your Dreamweaver screen, highlight an image or text on a page then click on the panel group called Design. Click on the tab called Behaviours, then click on the + button to add a behaviour and select from the list of options. You can combine behaviours and set their order on a timeline which requires no user intervention to trigger them. Most of the behaviours work in all browsers.

  slowhand_1000 11:59 19 Mar 2004

Thanks for the pointers everyone.

I have done a test page with animation using the behaviours from Dreamweaver, which gave the same effect as the link given by tbh72.

All I need now is for Dreamweaver to bring out another behaviour so it can make it fade in or out (grins)

Though I think a little look at Flash might be of some use. All I need to find is a simple tutorial that shows how to do a slide show with fade (grins again), like this click here Thats the one that would not work in Opera for me.

cheers and thanks again.


  Taran 13:23 19 Mar 2004

Have you looked at the layer functions built into Dreamweaver ?

You could load your images into a series of layers and play behaviours and effects to them, allowing one to blend or fade into another and so on.

I rarely use layers myself, but for things like image overlays and similar they can be very useful.

  slowhand_1000 17:29 19 Mar 2004

Now I like the sound of that, but!

I have looked in behaviours with image and then the layer selected but can’t see any reference to fade. I must have right clicked just about everything that could be right clicked to see if any options pop-up. I also had a look in the help files but can’t find any reference there either.

Would this fade behaviour be something that I would need to get? I had a look on Macromedia site but could not see anything to download there either.



  Taran 17:51 19 Mar 2004

You can either do some hand coding yourself, buy a couple of extensions to do it all for you, or try timelines combined with your layers to create some pretty impressive effects.

The Macromedia site has a few tutorials on layers and timelines and most of the features listed on older [and newer] versions of Dreamweaver work on each other so read the tutorials on all versions, not just on yours.

click here

  Taran 17:59 19 Mar 2004

click here for a few pretty good tutorials - this click here is an example page of the timeline/layer effects.

To get a fade you can play around in a couple of ways, but one of the easiest is to make washed out versions of the main images and use them as 'between image' pictures. This allows you to go from image 1, to washed out image 1, to washed out image 2, to the full colour image 2 and so on.

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