animations wont move

  xptosmtbd 08:05 29 Mar 2003

Hi, I have downloaded some free animated gifs from a website and when I put them into my e-mails, some move and some do not. I do what they say and rightclick on the animation to save it. Does anyone know why some move and some dont?...they are being saved as .bmp and I am running windows xp home...thanks Sandra

  Andsome 08:26 29 Mar 2003

If some now move and others don't, are you sure that they were all actually moving on the website. You can find loads of moving clipart here, click here There are loads of little moving smylies here. click here Yet more here click here

  xptosmtbd 08:30 29 Mar 2003

Thanks ansome I will try these and let you know, and yes they were moving on the site when I saved them!!

  xptosmtbd 08:36 29 Mar 2003

Hi ansome, I have tried doing just one and again It wont move. I will go through the steps I do and then maybe you can see if I am doing anything wrong. 1. I find a miving gif. 2 I right click on the gif and choose "save as". 3. I rename (sometimes not always) and save it to a folder in my pictures. 4. I type an e-mail to myself and choose insert picture, I navigate to the the folder with the gifs in choose the gif and and press o.k. the gif appears in my e-mail ok. but it is not moving, even after I have "sent" it to myself...Sandra

  MAJ 08:45 29 Mar 2003

Empty your temporary internet files folder, xptosmtbd. In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab and click the Delete Files button.

  xptosmtbd 08:47 29 Mar 2003

OK I will try that and then get back to you, thank you for helping me...Sandra

  MAJ 08:52 29 Mar 2003

If your gifs were saved as bitmaps when you downloaded them, xptosmtbd, and they're still bitmaps when you're inserting them into your emails, you'll have to redownload them as gifs, after you've deleted your temporary internet files.

  xptosmtbd 09:00 29 Mar 2003

Hi Andsome, I have done that and I'm afraid it still wont work properly, by that I mean some do and some dont?. I have tried several of the smiley ones that you gave me the website for and I can't get any of them to work, but some of the gifs that I already have on my harddrive work OK.??? Mystery!!!! Sandra

  xptosmtbd 09:02 29 Mar 2003

MAJ...thanks I will try that now....

  xptosmtbd 09:08 29 Mar 2003

Hi Maj. That worked with one gif. then when I try to save any more a window pops up with "cannot find specified file".....

  MAJ 09:13 29 Mar 2003

Do you mean on the download site, xptosmtbd? If so, that's not a problem on your side, that's a website problem. Go to one of those sites Andsome posted and download another animated gif, make sure it is saved to your hard drive as a gif and not as a bitmap.

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