Animated pic in e-mail

  IClaudio 17:16 06 May 2004

Someone sent me a very cute animated pic in an e-mail today. I'd like to use it as a sig somewhere, here is the code, which I got from 'View Source':
IMG id=MA1.1068304448 title="" height=98
src="cid:[email protected]" width=152
If I right-click the image, I can only save one frame... and I notice that it is a .bmp rather than a gif.

Any ideas how I can extract the image, or point ot it? (I presume that it's on a website somewhere?)

Thanks in advance

  Eastender 17:53 06 May 2004

Something wrong somewhere, the image is stated as a gif in the source code.

Perhaps the person who sent you the original image in the email could send it again as an attachment.

  johnnyrocker 18:12 06 May 2004

right click/copy/paste into your sig box should be ok.


  IClaudio 11:10 07 May 2004

'the image is stated as a gif in the source code' Yes, that's what I don't understand.

I've tried'right click/copy/paste into your sig box'
Yes, as I said, I've tried that with no luck...

I think I shall have to track down the original...

  Megatyte 11:29 07 May 2004

Have you tried changing the 'Save As Type' to gif?


  IClaudio 12:24 07 May 2004

Yes, I have tried, but diesn't seem to work, ho-hum (Photoshop comes back with 'Can't parse the file format' when I try to open it...)

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