Animated GIF's won't animiate

  kinger 21:04 18 Dec 2004

I have uploaded a site which features two or three animated GIF's which work perfectly when I preview them in my NetObjects Fusion 8.0 but, as soon as I upload them to my web site, they stop animating.

What am I doing wrong?

I am uploading them with Cute FTP, latest version.

  mattyc_92 21:43 18 Dec 2004

You may have some active controls that require running in order for the website to display and function correctly.... You may not have these installed or your system is disabling them for security reasons

  kinger 21:49 18 Dec 2004

I have visited the site from several PC's and the GIF's won't animate.

It seems that something between me looking at them on my computer in 'preview' mode (where they work just fine) and uploading them to the server, changes and they stop working.

Any ideas?

  mattyc_92 21:52 18 Dec 2004

Have you tried "downloading" your website from the internet and comparing the HTML script from the saved version on your system and the downloaded one???

You can use programs like SurfOffLine for this

  kinger 21:58 18 Dec 2004

Good Idea, I'll try it.

Something definitely happens AFTER it's uploaded.

  mattyc_92 22:00 18 Dec 2004

I'm going to watch TV in around 10mins, so I will get back to you 2morrow!!!! :)

Hope this idea of mine helps!!!! ;)

  kinger 22:17 18 Dec 2004

Cheers Mattyc_92, I am just re-uploading the site in its entirety instead of after each small update to see it that makes any difference.

I have also downloaded the software you mentioned.

  kinger 23:40 18 Dec 2004

SurfOffLine downloaded the site OK and, would you believe, the GIFs displayed and animated perfectly in that browser.

I have my browsers set to play animations etc. but still they are frozen when I visit the site.

Strange one this.

There is no noticable difference in the code when I compare the downloaded site and the one that's up there on the server.

Hope someone can help.

  kinger 00:39 19 Dec 2004

I am, in fact, using three different GIF files.

Two are now working after re-uploading the site but the main home page animated GIF is still static.

I think that I'm getting closer.

...will work on it later.

Thanks for the tips.

Meanwhile if anyone does know anything about why these files should stop working once uploaded, please let me know, it's an interesting one.

  kinger 12:20 19 Dec 2004

I think it could be in the browser.

Using Mozilla Firefox on one PC, I found that the animations worked fine.

Downloading and using it on a second computer, it viewed the GIFs in static mode.

I'm wondering if there is a setting somewhere.

Switching on and off 'OnSpeed' software doesn't seem to make any difference.

  mattyc_92 12:20 19 Dec 2004

What if you haevn't set it to start automatically.... This could be the cause.... Unfortunatly I can't remember how to do this (only know in frontpage and forgot), so try a google search on the problem

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