Animated GIFs

  African Phil 18:25 13 Mar 2006

I've just worked out how to do animated GIFs but am completely stumped on how to attach URLs. I've designed a banner which I need to send on to a web site who are going to publish it and I want users to be able to click on the animated GIF and go straight to my web site. But despite raising the full web address and identifying the target as a new browser window when I save it and try it out in a browser the HTML for the URL link is not active. The animated GIF works fine though. Any ideas?

  mco 18:31 13 Mar 2006

You're saying you've made an animated gif and you're sending it to some website people who will put it on their site and it will provide a link to your site? Yes? Well then adding the link to the gif is for them to do at their end, not you, surely? Or have I misunderstood your question?

  African Phil 18:38 13 Mar 2006

Hi mco. Apparently the GIF has to be self-providing. So all functionality including URL links embedded and working. They just place the GIF on the page.

  short-circuit 17:28 17 Mar 2006


What program are you using to create your animated gifs? I think it may be possible to include the hyperlink in some of the animation packages.


  African Phil 17:35 17 Mar 2006

Hi Scott.

I've tried in both Adobe (Photoshop) ImageReady and Macromedia Fireworks.

  short-circuit 03:10 23 Mar 2006

Hi Phil,

I took a look at my ancient version of ImageReady and it is possible to add a URL to a layer or to multiple layers.

My understanding of how it works is that you add the hyperlink, and they treat your gif as an image map, when they include it in the page.

I haven't been able to test this just yet, but if I get a chance I shall try running the gif I created as an image map over the weekend.

Perhaps you could ask the people you have to supply the gif to, if it is used as an image map? You can find the instructions for adding an address to the image in the help section.


  African Phil 11:03 23 Mar 2006

Thanks Scott & John. I'll try that.

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