Android phone users and looking ones handset.

  julius44 17:23 09 May 2012

Good afternnon to you all, I hope its ok to post this query here please. I'm an android phone user, the wonderful Galaxy S2 to be precise. My neighbout has a galaxy ace handset, and unfortunatly it was lost over the weekend, and it had all her contacts, photos etc, she's got a new handset now anyway.

Now my query is this is there a way to store all the data on an android handset on the cloud, i.e, back it up so that if ones fone is misplaced, and I then get a new android handset, I can sybc BACK ALL my contacts, picures, apps, etc please??

This was just a thouhg, as I my galaxy handet has so much information like contacts, family pictures, apps is there a way to do this please??

  KRONOS the First 18:13 09 May 2012

You can connect your phone to the PC using this, Samsung Kies, this will enable you to back everything to your computer. I am not sure if this includes apps but certainly everything else.

  stlucia2 08:16 10 May 2012

I've just signed up for Google Drive, which gives me 5Gb (I think) of storage on the cloud. With the Drive software installed on my PC and on my Android phone, I can access the files from either device.

It seems to be quite basic -- it simply installs a new folder called "Drive" on your device, and anything you save, or copy, into that folder can be seen, and used, by your PC and phone. You can get extra capacity for an annual charge.

I don't think its worth trying to save apps because you can always reinstall them direct from the Play Store (as it's now called).

  Picklefactory 10:07 10 May 2012

There is also My Phone Explorer which is a really good bit of freeware. It was originally developed for Sony Ericsson phones but later opened up to include Android phones (It works on ALL Android versions from 1.6 upwards). I've used it for years and it's an excellent program. I've never used Samsung Kies, so have no way of comparing the two, but it works great on my HTC Desire and lets me both control my phone through my pc (When connected, obviously) and also I can do full back ups of all contacts, files, photo's, apps etc.

  Strawballs 17:48 10 May 2012

My daughter uses Kies with her Galaxy S2 and she swears by it!

  Picklefactory 21:00 10 May 2012


I'm looking to get an S2 next month when current contract expires, so I'll try and compare the two then.

  Woolwell 21:25 10 May 2012

I use Samsung Kies and I dislike it. It works but I think that the interface is poor and the sync with Outlook doesn't work well. The S2 and now the S3 are very good phones though.

  julius44 06:59 11 May 2012

Thank toy all for your info...i'm currently using the samsung Kies at present, it seems to back up all my stuff but not my apps incase i'm missing something?

  KRONOS the First 07:24 11 May 2012

As has been pointed out apps do not get backed up,it is necessary to download and reinstall them. This may be of use App backup.

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