Ancient Laptop!!Painfully Slow....

  moby58 11:25 02 Apr 2010

Ive retrieved a 9 year old laptop from hibernation,and have made it wireless with belkin,and added virgin media security.Its painfully slow,and takes 5 minutes to load anything I click[internet or otherwise].I'm using disc cleanup at moment,but thats been half an hour,and has bareley moved!!Could it be the Virgin Security??Any ideas what i can do?Not much music/photos in memory....Help!!

  birdface 11:35 02 Apr 2010

Maybe all the drivers need updating.
Maybe get rid of Virgin security and use MSE and Superantispyware instead.
What anti-virus was on it and was it removed properly.

  ronalddonald 11:39 02 Apr 2010

you can from another computer download ccleaner onto a portable drive or a pen drive from fillhippo click here load it onto the laptop and run the cleaner and registry. see if that helps.

  ronalddonald 11:40 02 Apr 2010

try running linux but i dont know if the hardware will work with it.

  moby58 11:44 02 Apr 2010

previous security was avg...think i might remove virgin...never used it before,and was happy with avg

  Woolwell 11:44 02 Apr 2010

How much RAM does it have and what is the OS?

  moby58 11:50 02 Apr 2010

not sure about ram and os--i'm a basic user!i'm on a laptop in cafe at moment!think i will try a cleaner,and remove virgin..easy and basic for me

  Woolwell 11:54 02 Apr 2010

Increasing the RAM may help but that depends on how much you have already. Also the hard drive size and how much space is left.
I suspect it is Windows XP but could be Windows 98. To find how much RAM go to All Programs - Accessories - System Information.

  Jollyjohn 12:09 02 Apr 2010

Have patience! Download and install CCleaner and use this to remove all antivirus and other security, be aware you may need to uninstall avg more than once.
I am currently working on a Compaq laptop with only 256mb ram and things are very slow and I have found that AVG slows the laptop down even more.
I ran defrag on this laptop and it took 12 hours.
Work with the laptop disconnected from the internet initially

  moby58 12:11 02 Apr 2010

its windows xp.should be lots of space on hard drive,as i deleted most of the stuff before it went in the drawer!shall check though.dont think i will increase ram,as its only a laptop to have in bedroom or kitchen

  birdface 13:10 02 Apr 2010

AVG removal tool.

click here

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