User-178362 22:43 30 Jul 2005

Could anyone tell me how to unsubcribe?

  p;3 23:06 30 Jul 2005

can you clarify a bit further? do you think your computer may be infected, or is this a program you actually asked to subscribe to and now wish to stop?

  SANTOS7 23:10 30 Jul 2005

click here
this may help,good luck......

  User-178362 23:33 30 Jul 2005

It is a program. Looking for people.

Santos7 I am a subcriber, but not on a free trial. so what should I do? it is asking me for my telphone number which I cann't remember giveing and Users name, do they mean my realy name or password?

Lost contact few mins ago

  SANTOS7 23:41 30 Jul 2005

if you look at bottom of link under related answers there is a link "how to cancel my account" follow the instructions given there, having had a good look around the site i think that is the only way.........

  User-178362 00:09 31 Jul 2005


It said when I have concluded using my fee guest account simply discontinue your use. but they still have my details on record which I want deleted. Have you read it and what do you think I should do?

  SANTOS7 00:13 31 Jul 2005

Email them and ask for your details to be removed from there records i am sure they will oblige.

  p;3 18:07 31 Jul 2005

have you tried the e mail option ? I am sure you might even get an automated "out of office" reply if no-one is there:)

  User-178362 18:22 31 Jul 2005


I have sent them an e mail, Not sure if its to the right place, they said there is no record of me, but I had two e mails off them, giveing me information of a name I was once interested in.

Today I replyed giveing my full name and address including England but I am not sure of my User name, Looking on how to change it, looks like a made up name, I cannot remember giving a users name.

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