Analogue/Digital TV problem with Virgin

  freaky 09:52 06 Sep 2009

A few days ago when turning on the TV the following message was displayed "Error Code: H230 analogue has ended in your area need DTV Box".

As a result I can no longer view the terrestrial channels, but satellite channels are OK.

I have a Sony Triniton Integrated Digital TV and NTL/Virgin Top Box, therefore there should be no problem receiving digital transmissions. I am on Virgin Cable TV......any advice would be appreciated.

  martjc 10:13 06 Sep 2009

...if so dial 150. They'll fix it!

  Stuartli 10:13 06 Sep 2009

Your Sony Trinitron TV requires a terrestrial TV aerial input to receive Freeview (DTV) using its own internal digital tuner.

Any cable STB input to the Sony will rely on the channels transmitted by Virgin, which may not include some of the Freeview channels.

  martjc 10:14 06 Sep 2009 HAVE reset the box, haven't you???

  martjc 10:14 06 Sep 2009 HAVE reset the box, haven't you???

  freaky 10:44 06 Sep 2009

Stuarti .....I am not using Freeview, I use the NTL/Virgin Top Box as I am on cable.

BTW....How do you reset the Box ?

The error code message only appears if I select channels 1-2-3-4-5. Selecting channel 6 it's OK and I can receive all the satellite channels.

martjc....yes I do have a Virgin phone, but would only use the number as a last resort!

  birdface 10:51 06 Sep 2009

Switch the box of at the mains for 2 minutes.Turn it back on again and wait for it to update the box and when it is finished try it. I am with Virgin and b get all of the channels.

  birdface 10:53 06 Sep 2009

I should add that my programs start at 101 upwards.

  BRYNIT 10:59 06 Sep 2009

If you have a TV aerial connected and your TV has a digital tuner check that you have your TV switched to the digital channels. Look at the instructions you should find a button on the remote that changes between analogue and digital channels. The NTL box will be tuned into a analogue channel if you are viewing it on channel 6. I am surprised that it is not connected via a scart lead.

  freaky 11:25 06 Sep 2009

Many thanks to you all for replying.

I have switched the power off for 2 minutes to reset the Vigin Top Box, but I still get the Error Message when viewing Terrestrial channels.

The Sony TV does have a digital setup menu, and gives a choice of either RGB or Composite to give the best picture quality. I tried that to no avail!

Think I need to call Virgin!!

  freaky 12:37 06 Sep 2009

After much delay I eventually spoke to a foreign lady at Virgin. Had great difficulty in understanding her!!!

She said I would need to buy a DTV Box for £49. I said I would phone again tomorrow as I did not consider it necessary. Hopefully I might get some satisfaction then.

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