Analogue Television Switchoff Downside

  Splodge 10:34 26 Oct 2007

At the moment I can watch or record up to 3 analogue channels if I have a television and 2 recorders, DVDR or VCR. Not to mention a tv card on the computer. You also have the option of an additional channel using cable or Sky.

Freeview will give the ability to watch one channel plus a cable or Sky channel!

To record more it will be necessary to purchase VCR or DVD recorders which have integral Freeview! You cannot record one and watch another channel with Freeview.

This will be a nice earner for the manufacturers although consumers will be buying replacement equipment in any case.

So, the point of all this is to recommend that when you do buy new equipment from now on it has a Freeview component. It goes without saying that your new television ought to have integral Freeview!

Rebuttals please!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 26 Oct 2007

So what help do you need?

Or should this be in Speakers corner?

  Stuartli 13:25 26 Oct 2007

I have a very similar setup to you, including a TV PCI card.

Yet the number of times I actually schedule a recording a month can be counted on the fingers of one hand - and that's one or two digits too many...:-)

  Splodge 14:08 26 Oct 2007


I know that your experience is greater than mine. I also know that some others do not have it. Different strokes and all that! Just as people have different viewing habits.

This is a forum! PCAdvisor surveys ancillery equipment as well as PC's.

Having taken several days to sort out my new TV and its' Freeview component, I found out its limitations and thought others might avoid a purchase which will have to be repeated needlessly.

Put succinctly; no one should spend any more money on viewing or recording equipment without taking into account the big "switch-over"!

Sorry to have offended your sensibilities!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 26 Oct 2007

Put succinctly; no one should spend any more money on viewing or recording equipment without taking into account the big "switch-over"!

But people are "thick"

Thats why Argos Adsa etc. are selling off their TVs DVD recorders etc. are waht looks looks a cheap price but people will need to pauy out again for a freeview box for each machine in a couple of years time.

Stuartli records very little he says, I watch very little.
My TV broke two months ago and I haven't yet got round to replacing it.
Now the F1 finished there is very little worth watching and nothing I want to watch anyway.

  Stuartli 16:17 26 Oct 2007

A £20 Freeview set top box will allow any analogue or non-IDTV set to remain in every day use whenever the analogue transmissions are shut down in your area.

In fact, although there are still some LCD TVs now available at very low prices because they are not IDTV models, the considerable financial saving will buy a number of Freeview STBs.

It's the lack of convenience i.e. extra wiring and leads that's the main annoyance using non-IDTV models.

The reason I don't record many TV programmes is because, quite frankly, there are very few, for me at least, that merit the honour...:-)

  Stuartli 16:19 26 Oct 2007

My PCI TV card is a Freeview model - I've had it for about two years - and it's the medium I normally use to record a TV programme for later viewing.

  daxian 16:44 26 Oct 2007

hi all ....
the area i live in is supposed to be an ariel free zone (at least it was until freeview came along).
can only imagine the amount of ariels that will be needed to cope with all the set top boxes needed to record more than one

  tullie 16:51 26 Oct 2007

Personely,i wouldent want to watch anything,and record another.Two programmes on at the same time worth watching,your joking!

  Splodge 17:01 26 Oct 2007


You do not need multiple arials: I use "arial splitters" 99p each from that "exotic meal" shop outlet!

They do not seem to degrade the reception signals.

And those of us who are retired often find the TV programs you want to watch are broadcast at the same time or, later than you wish to stay up.

I also read a lot and by recording I can zip through the ads saving 10 to 15 minutes every hour!

As you will have noted I still have time for this.

In case you think it, I am 78!

  Diemmess 17:21 26 Oct 2007

No one has mentioned the strife and disruption of having a wife who was OK at setting up an analogue VCR for a progamme she wanted.

Now she is "too busy" to learn about the rigmarole of watching even the News via a digital channel.
Of course with the current setup the gear defaults to analogue and the picture in that mode is pretty awful now that power is already reduced in our fringe area.

The digital signal will have to improve because occasionally with adverse weather it drops out altogether while analogue struggles with snow and flickering.

We use our recorders for time-shifting but in spite of tullie's comment, weeks will go by then and suddenly there is something on three channels at the same time!

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