Analogue recording to PC digital

  Yeldarb 14:18 04 Oct 2006

What can an iPod do ? ! ! !
I frequently record radio programmes on to my
( non-portable) Sony Minidisc recorder JB930 where I can edit. If I want to transfer to datadisc, I have first to transfer to AUDIO disca ( expensive) on my HiFi and then by PC to datadisc.

Are there connections on the iPod to receive music from various sources including radio ? Are there facilities to edit ? And are there connections to transfer to PC ?

Has anyone had experience ? Yeldarb

  ade.h 17:58 04 Oct 2006

click here_(color_display).pdf#search=%22apple%20ipod%20manual%20user%20guide%22 - Note: direct link to PDF.

I can't comment on whether that will answer your questions, as I am not an iPod user.

  ade.h 17:59 04 Oct 2006

Copy and paste the link.

  bionicle 20:48 04 Oct 2006

An alternative I use is click here which enables you to record via the internet, (BBC listen again feature is great), the resulting recordings can then easily be imported to i-tunes and then easily transferred to i-pod.

  Yeldarb 22:07 04 Oct 2006

Thank you ade.h and bionicle I appreciate your replies .... but I am still very confused, as I did not really understand youir advice.
I am quite happy to buy an iPod for experimentation purposes - but they are a little expensive for this purpose.
My Sony minidisc recorder allows me to record from various sources - radio, CDs, tapes etc. and I can edit these on the Sony MDS 930 .... but it is only possible to transfer results to AUDIO CDs. I just wondered if an iPod could replace the minidisc and allow me to transport my music data to Data CDs. Am I talking sense ?

  bionicle 21:05 05 Oct 2006

If you have at least a CD recordable drive on your computer you can easily transfer CDs directly to i-tunes and then copy to i-pod. The replay radio software (around £20) will enable you to record directly from internet radio( BBC listen again feature or any url link) in digital format to your computers hard drive and then be stored in your i-tunes library which you can then easily transfer to i-pod. There are other fairly cheap programs around which will allow you to connect your Hi-Fi to enable the transfer of vinyl and tape.
It is important to check at each transfer that you are transfering what you want to transfer ie. audio file or data file. There are options in the settings at each stage to select as appropriate.
It really depends a lot on what you record mostly from:

I have a 30GB i-pod and occasionally download music directly to it but more often buy the CD from click here or similar as it is often cheaper and you have the disc as backup. Pop the disc in the computers CD drive and the i-tunes data base will identify it and allow you to import it into your i-tunes library. Then it is simple to transfer to your i-pod or indeed to remove from your i-pod. As I have said above recording internet radio is a very similar easy process.
Do a search on i-pod cables and you will find lots of options. However depending on what you record mostly maybe the Replay radio option is the most cost-effective.

  Yeldarb 21:51 05 Oct 2006

Thank you bionicle - but you are still too advanced for me !
If I buy an iPod will it have CONNECTIONS to my amplifier ( to receive, say, broadcasts ) and CONNECTIONS to my PC ?
Will I be able to EDIT what is on the iPod eg combine, divide, remove, alter position of tracts ready for transfer to CD / DVD ?
Once transferred to CD, can I clear the iPod memory ?

  bionicle 15:09 07 Oct 2006

The i-pod only comes with a USB connection to link it to your computer. It does not actually record your media, this needs to be recorded seperately and then this needs to be imported to i-tunes. You can then select individual tacks or whole albums to transfer to the i-pod and you can also easily remove unwanted tracks from the i-pod.
So what I am suggesting is that by recording radio directly on your computer,instead of on the mini-disc,using the excellent Replay Radio program it then can save your recordings in i-tunes library ready to transfer to your i-pod if you wish. You therefore wont need cables. The editing capabilities are limited but you can download a trial version to see if it meets your requirements. Other digital media, i.e. from a Compact Disc can also be imported into your i-tunes library, simply put the original CD in your computers disc drive while you are online and the track names will be identified and imported. For a CD you have made yourself you can manually input details of the recording.This can then transferred to i-pod if you wish. You can easily add/remove, edit position, create playlists etc with the files in both i-tunes(your media collection on the computer), and also on the i-pod. So if you tire of listening to someting on your i-pod simply remove it by connecting it to your computer via i-tunes. You can then select something else from your i-tunes library to put in its place.

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