Analogue input - daft question

  atoms 12:36 17 Jan 2004

I have a Connect 3DRadeon 9800 Pro with a s-video connector. Can I capture video files direct from the S-video output on my Sony analogue camcorder?

I have perused the Radeon Multmedia manual but although mentioned connection of camcorders and vcr does not mention whether it is for digital only.


  MichelleC 13:28 17 Jan 2004

It's for analogue camcords as it's for vcr (analogue). (Digital transfer would be thro firewire to pc.)

BTW if you ever upgrade to a Sony dv camcord some models have analogue 'passthrough' so you can transfer dv and analogue tapes (it auto converts to dv).

  DieSse 17:25 17 Jan 2004

Your graphics card probably only has an output (to output the graphics to another device, eg a VCR or TV.

It will say in it's specification if it also supports video-in - but this is out of the usual.

  hugh-265156 17:31 17 Jan 2004

it would need to be an ATI all in wonder(AIW)for video in and will look something like click here

  DieSse 20:18 17 Jan 2004

Not necessarily - some other boards support Video in, without having the Tuner that AIWs ahve - example click here

  woodchip 20:25 17 Jan 2004

I have a WinPCI and Daughters Sanyo analogue camcorder, I just plug it in to Ariel socket to play and capture

  woodchip 20:27 17 Jan 2004

If it's got Ariel you should be able to plug it in and show on Comp etc

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