Analogue to HDD

  waggers 15:21 09 Jan 2004

Just purchased a Medion with built in capture card. Trying to tranfer old VHS to DVD.

Signal to pc is fine (via PowerDirector) but when capturing to HDD it's horrendous, blocks and shimmering everywhere. Haven't even thought about burning anything yet.

Using mpeg2 on High Quality and Constant High Bitrate.

Is this the best digital can do? If yes then the pc is for mrs waggers only and I've been duped.

  MichelleC 16:44 09 Jan 2004

It's best to turn off all non-vital b/ground progs when dealing with analogue/dv (especially av and firewall [firewall still operates in b/g even when not online], and with ME and xp system restore) otherwise dropped frames and pixellation can occur. Also make sure DMA is enabled on all drives. If this doesn't cure it there's other things to try.

  struggle8 16:59 09 Jan 2004

do you use a s/video port picture quallity is much better mind you though we cant get anything through the composite anyway

  waggers 18:30 09 Jan 2004

MichelleC: I'll try closing all background stuff, sorry but what is DMA?

struggle8: Only used composite so far, don't have a long enough S-Video lead yet.

Picture is coming tru ok, I've got to be something wrong.

Thanx for replies so far.

  MichelleC 20:35 09 Jan 2004

Device manager, IDE ATI/ATAPI Controllers, double-click and right-click each drive, properties, advanced settings, check DMA if available. Also go to control panel/system, open it, advanced settings, performance options, and increase paging on drives to 3 times ram total (ie 512ram is 15000 and make min and max the same. This makes it easier on cpu for large file data transfer.

  MichelleC 08:58 10 Jan 2004

... should read if ram is 512 then paging is 1500.

  Pamy 12:38 10 Jan 2004

Waggers, I would be interested in how you get on, and whether the results are OK. I have tried in the past, but was never satisfied with the results so gave up and bought a DV camcoder. Recordings better but still not what I would call profesional(perhaps I expect too much in quality)


  waggers 09:24 12 Jan 2004

Have let mrs waggers try to do configuration as per MichelleC, it was a bit beyond me.

Results still disappointing, tried using PowerProducer and got much better quality even though less flexibility on settings front.

Quality worse than EP on my Panny VHS, and this is the best I can get.

Will have to wait till next year and go down the home a/v path with a seperate dvd recorder. Would like one with hdd i.e a Tosh but after this out lay I'm scuppered.

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