Amy good Firewall that supports Vista...

  Ronyap 21:54 30 Oct 2007


I have checked the firewalls in this thread, but NONE of them support Vista dammit.

click here

Anyone know of a good Firewall that supports Vista?


  Koochy 22:00 30 Oct 2007

I have just been using the windows firewall with Vista for about 10 months now and i have had no problems up to now - touch wood.
The windows firewall with Vista has 2 way monitoring so it should be okay.

  Ronyap 22:02 30 Oct 2007

You mean the one that comes already with Vista? Doesnt Microsoft's Antivirus/Firewalls hold a reputation for being rubbish?

  anskyber 22:06 30 Oct 2007
  Koochy 22:08 30 Oct 2007

The XP firewall was very poor as it only monitored traffic coming into your pc whereas the new one with Vista actually monitors both ways.
I only use the windows firewall, AVG free anti virus, Avg anti=spyware and windows live one care and in ten months i have not had any problems so i am happy with the level of protection - no doubt there are people on here that will protest but i do believe quite a few may actually agree.

  Ronyap 22:15 30 Oct 2007

I have heard that you cant have two firewalls. Does the Windows Firewall count as one?


PS. Anskyber...I think Ill wait for one of the well known Firewalls to support vista. That one does not appeal to me for many reasons :P

  Koochy 22:20 30 Oct 2007

Yes the windows firewall does count as one and you can have more than one firewall on your computer as long as you only have one running at any one time.

  gudgulf 22:21 30 Oct 2007

The PC Tools firewall works well with VISTA..but it doesn't seem to like Firefox when running on VISTA.

I took it off after finding Firefox was taking almost 30 seconds to open.

I'm now back with the VISTA built in firewall.

COMODO have a beta version of the VISTA compatible Firewall pro V3 available...but it doesn't uninstall cleanly if you don't like it.

Note well (and you too Koochy) that by default the VISTA firewall does NOT block outgoing traffic.

See click here and try a quick Google search on how to set up the VISTA firewall.

You will find it needs full manual configuration with individual rules.

  polish 22:44 30 Oct 2007

iam using zonealarm free firewall with no problem

  hssutton 22:55 30 Oct 2007

Zonealarm works ok with Vista, I've been using for some months now, along with AVG

  Ronyap 16:29 31 Oct 2007

I tried installing Zonealarm Free, but it says that it doesnt support vista >.<. Maybe I havent got the latest one?

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