Amust reg cleaner

  jackdouglas7 23:43 13 Jul 2009

Ive just run this cleaner and it has produced an issue which it is unable to fix.
CCleaner and Glary did not find this so is it a false positive ??

registry sditor
{117 A62F-05D2-11D1-83FC-00A0C9089C5A}

Inprocserver 32

(default) REG_ SZ c:\windows\system32\Nacromed\flash\fla.............
Threading Model REG_SZ Apartment

many thanks

  DieSse 00:58 14 Jul 2009

Sorry - but you don't say where in the registry that is to even look at mine and see if I have such an entry (which I think you've misspelled anyway.)

If t'were me I would leave well alone and not go worrying about vaguely dodgy registry entries.

Safe rather than sorry is the attitude to take to the registry. Opinions vary on whether one even should try and clean-up the registry.

I do occasionally, but with great care. (I use Wise Registry Cleaner).

Really there's little point in running multiple registry cleaners, you'll get no extra benefit, and give yourself nothing but worry. Find a safe one and stick to it, take backups first and don't try and clean too radically - otherwise "it'll all end in tears"

  accordion 07:14 14 Jul 2009

I'll second that opinion. I rarely do any registry cleaning, especially since I started using Revo Uninstaller to remove any programs.


  Prela 09:21 14 Jul 2009

Please don't do registry cleaning, It never really works and usually causes more problems than it solves. Registry cleaning was required many years ago when computers were slow and relied massively on the registry, nowadays errors are skipped over so quickly, even if a registry cleaner did a good job, you wouldn't notice. If you really do have a problem that "might" be fixed by cleaning the registry, then at least back it up first. In general I really wouldn't recommend any registry cleaner to anyone as the consequences can be a completely unusable PC.

  jackdouglas7 09:26 14 Jul 2009

many thanks,
I will remove the cleaner and leave well alone.

  T I M B O 09:28 14 Jul 2009

I love Ccleaner !! never caused me any problems.

  Input Overload 19:22 14 Jul 2009

I find great a difference even in a newish Pc that has had the registry cleaned, I have sorted dozens of PC’s out in the last year or so that have choked up registry’s & there are some decent free cleaners. JV16 Power Tools’ (Bought Edition) does an excellent job as each time you uninstall a program it will always leave entries behind, after a year or so these can become hundreds or thousands if you have uninstalled MS Office etc.

If you have never used a decent cleaner how can you make a judgement?

A program I use to find searching the registry easily & safely is 'Registry Crawler'. I recently uninstalled MS Office 2007 & this left many thousands of keys behind. I have used cleaners for many years and have yet to have an issue caused by cleaning automatically or manually. I installed Vista on release day & it still runs like a train.

Keeping your fonts down to a reasonable amount is one of the best ways of keeping a fast boot up IMHO. However as with defragging, Registry Cleaning will be a issue that we will always disagree on, but this is what makes the world go round.

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