Amilo 1437G screen problems

  barber007 09:10 18 Jan 2007

I turned on my laptop the other day and had strange coloured lines throughout the screen which changed if I tapped the laptop! Thinking it was a virus I decided to reinstall windows XP. When I did this the ATI radeon X700 driver wouldn't install so in device manager all it showed was a VGA display adaptor. I did try downloading and installing new device drivers for the ATI card but these didn't remedy the problem. The problems still existed but were much less obviuos in safe mode. I uninstalled the VGA display driver in normal mode and then rebooted in the hopes that the system would find the ATI card and install it - but the net effect was that the screen in blank after windows installation. I hear the chimes on start up and when shutting doen by pressing the off button I here the closing tune but nothing on the screen.

In safe mode I can view the screen and the VGA display driver is installed .

The laptop has been getting very hot. It is only 1 year old and has a 3 year hardware warranty. Does this sound like it is a hardware problem with the ATI radeon X700 card? If so I need to send it back to Fujitsu. Help would be very appreciated.

  FreeCell 09:28 18 Jan 2007

Sounds like a screen fault. You could try using the laptop but connect the vga output to an external monitor and using the function key (usually F5) switch the display output from your laptop screen to the monitor. If the display looks fine then its the screen, if problem still persists seems like graphics card/chip.

  barber007 09:34 18 Jan 2007

Thanks for that advice - which i will try. But it may be worth adding that when windows wouldn't install the ATI driver ( in normal mode) and loaded the VGA driver the screen worked although the display settings were basic. Then on a 2nd reinstallation of windows XP the ATI drivers were loaded and it was only then that the screen didn't work in normal mode, only in safe mode.
Tonight I was planning to uninstall the ATI driver in normal mode, revert to VGA driver and see if the screen came back. Clearly this is impossible to do in normal mode without a screen so I would need to hook it up to a monitor to see what i was doing. If it is the graphics card am I right in thinking this is covered by hardware warranty???

  barber007 11:39 18 Jan 2007

Hi just wondered if anyone had any thoughts please?

  birdface 12:17 18 Jan 2007

System restore Maybe,Or screen resolution may be set wrong,Or try last good configuration,

  birdface 12:24 18 Jan 2007

Sorry ignore that,Wont work if you have just reinstalled Windows XP.Have you tried Device Manager and make sure that there are no yellow exclamation marks on any of your devices,Could be your graphics card,Are the lines going accross the screen ,Or like my sons going down the screen,[Vertical]

  birdface 12:32 18 Jan 2007

Normally when you get a new computer,You usually get a Disk to download tools and utilities,This would also download any drivers needed.

  barber007 13:51 18 Jan 2007

Have installed all the utilities and drivers, checked on device manager and there was a yellow exclamation on the VGA adaptor which is probably because the computer knew there was an ATI video card but couldn't install. Having managed to install the ATI driver the screen has gone and I can only check the device manager in safe mode that doesn't show the ATI card!!!!

Incidentally the lines go horizontal and vertical, on boot up the screen has white vertical moving lines on a black background. Then screen becomes full of red squares etc.

Any other tests to check graphics card?

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