Amiga 500 Software Workbench 1.3

  minefield 05:27 15 Jun 2008

Hi, All Hope everyone is well, I have just aquired an old Amiga 500 everything is is good condition and works well, but i'm missing the Workbench 1.3 disk.

Could anyone tell me if There is anywhere on the net where I will be able to download this to use, I presume it is now unavailable to buy.

I got rid of my old Amiga 500 years ago, But came across some games last summer and when I saw this for sale for £2 at a garage sale I decided To have a retro trip.

Hope some one can Help a sad old man relive his yesteryears, LOL

Many Thanks T

  rob3600 06:49 15 Jun 2008

Hi Minefield

I am at work at moment and something me that I may still have on of these disks at home if I do are are welcome to have it. I do know there are emeulators (that does not look right? well I have been at work for 11 hours now!)anyway perhaps they may work for you. I will post a reply sometime in the early hours as back at wotk again tonight.

  minefield 06:57 15 Jun 2008

I have tried to look for the disk but only found the Emulator stuff for the Amiga, As far as I know this wont work with the original, Someone may know more.
If you have the original disk let me know a price and I'll send you the money for it.

Regards T

  minefield 07:23 15 Jun 2008

If anyone knows if it's possible to download Workbench 1.3 for the Amiga would they please post a link to the site.

Regards T

  minefield 09:46 15 Jun 2008

Marg7 Thank You For your help, But as you say It is very expensive at over £10 for a single disk, I really thought they would be available for download for free by now.

I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open at car boots to try and find a copy cheaper.

Many Thanks T

  minefield 13:59 15 Jun 2008

If I found someone with the Workbench 1.3 disk and they made me a copy would that be piracy even though I own the machine?

Regards AJ

  minefield 15:12 15 Jun 2008

Hi, Marg I had the same thought and I'm 99% sure you were allowd to make backups of the disks.

I joined another Amiga forum earlier but have been waiting as you can't post a question until someone gets back to me.

I'll try the forum you Suggested and report back if I have any luck.

Regards T

  minefield 16:25 15 Jun 2008

I have joined 3 Amiga forums and am awaiting admin getting back to me, I can't post untill this happens
so If anyone can help I'm open to suggestions.

I am now wondering if I will ever get my retro moment

Regards T

  minefield 20:58 15 Jun 2008


  Dragon_Heart 21:45 15 Jun 2008

Amiga History V3 click here

alt.Amiga on Google Groups

These are old sites and may not be still active

  Bob The Blob 21:56 15 Jun 2008

Here you go
click here

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