AMD64 Cpu problem

  Joe R 20:02 23 May 2005

Just recently, I built myself a system using the socket 939 Epox mobo 9NPA+ultra, and an AMD64 3200 Cpu.

Saturday afternoon, I noticed my Cpu temp, had jumped to between 50-54 degrees C, from its normal 38-42.

I have been using the bog standard Amd heatsink/fan and thermal paste, so decided to cahange it to Arctic silver, to see if this was the cause of the temp' rise.

After having unclipped both sides of the heatsink, I tried to gently lift it off, but was very perplexed when it would not lift off. There is no way to even wiggle the part either, as the socket is located inside a four sided plastic "wall" with no room for manouvre.

So tried to remove heatsink, using a liitle more force, with still no success, until finally with a quick and strong grip, managed to pull it free, only to find that the Cpu had been ripped free from it's socket, with the socket lever still in the locked position. I turned the heatsink over, only to find that the Cpu had some bent and damaged pins, and one pin completely sheared.

Has anyone else had problems with this type of thing?, and do I have any recourse, towards a replacement from AMD.?

Any input would be most appreciated, as I still cannot fathom, how this type of thing can, (and did) happen, and I'm very worried about AMD accepting my explanation.

I'm also unsure if any damage has been done to my mobo socket, as I don't have a similar CPU to try. Thaks Joe.

  Sans le Sou 21:01 23 May 2005

Thought the 3200 was 745 or 754 or whatever pins.
I do not think you can blame AMD for this.

  Joe R 21:14 23 May 2005

Sans le Sou,

No I can assure you it is a socket 939 CPU, and AMD in the last 5 minutes have given me an RMA, and have told me that they have had a few problems with similar mobo's and sockets.

I will now tick this as resolved.

  vinnyT 13:59 24 May 2005

PS, if that dosn't sort it, you may have recourse through your credit card insurance, or failing that, your household insurance will cover it (providing the equipment is not used for a business).

  Joe R 14:04 24 May 2005


Thanks, but the CPU is on its way to AMD for replacement.

It's the first time I have dealt, with this company firsthand, and the telephone manners and attitude were first class.

  vinnyT 12:58 25 May 2005

Isn't it nice when it works how it should?

Nice one.

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