AMD1333 to 2600 is it worth it?

  archie330 17:13 01 May 2007

It seems that on my ASrock K7S8X I can upgrade my AMD Athlon 1333 (FSB266MHz) to a maximum AMD Athlon 2600.
But would it be worth it - would I see a worthwhile performance improvement?

  Totally-braindead 17:26 01 May 2007

Yes it would, according to asrock the board can take up to a 3000 click here=

It would give you a good boost but you might need new memory, and I think the only place you could get a 462 processor would be second hand.

  archie330 18:18 01 May 2007

Thanx for repling TBD. My fsb 266MHz can I still go for the 3000.
Will I also need to make changes to the BIOS?

  Totally-braindead 18:30 01 May 2007

Some FSBs are set in BIOS and some are set via motherboard jumpers so you would need to alter the FSB to the higher setting, if required. You would have to look at your manual or download and read the manual but depending on what memory you have you would need to replace it and thats additional costs.
To be honest I didn't realise the XP CPUs went as high as 3000+ subsequently I don't think you would get many of them even second hand. I'm fairly sure if you drop down to say a 2400 or 2500 you could get one of them fairly easily.
It all depends on costs. Its a good increase from a 1300 to a 2400 you would notice the difference but it depends on how much it would cost you for this and if you had to buy memory as well.
What to bear in mind is you can get a new motherboard bundle with a motherboard, CPU and memory quite cheaply click here although bear in mind that if you change the motherboard your windows XP will probably fail validation and you would have to contact them to reregister it.
Its swings and roundabouts really, it is a reasonable upgrade but it depends what it costs.

  Totally-braindead 18:31 01 May 2007

You would not need to flash the BIOS as according to the link I gave earlier ALL bios will accept the CPUs listed, you would have to alter the FSB if required though.

  archie330 20:44 01 May 2007

TBD, thanks for your advice and links, I now have more options to ponder over.

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