THE DAVE 11:25 10 Dec 2003

My Atlon CPU xp2000 Boots up at 1250 mhz OK.
When I set the FSB on the board from 100 to 133 mhz it then boots and recognises the CPU as "Athlon xp2000 " but windows ( 98 ) falls over with a "windows protection error ".

Obviosly I would like to run at fastest speed.

Do I need a timing patch?

( actual cpu speed is 1667 according to AMD, XP2000 is the model number ).

  THE DAVE 21:41 14 Jan 2004

I have now found that this particular board version will only run at full speed with an Athlon xp1800.

I have set the FSB down from 133 to 100 so I get a speed of 1250.

I am waiting for a new ( slower ) 1800 cpu so I can then run at 1800 ( equivalent to 1530 intel cpu )

Thanks everybody.

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