AMD XP not reconized

  Chaz10 19:48 02 May 2003

I,ve recentley built a number of systems based around an ECS K7S6A AMD 1800xp 256 meg ram etc ,however my latest one on bootup displays unknown cpu 1553 mhz, I know this is the correct speed of the cpu but in the past they all displayed 1800XP, I bought a new 1800xp chip to see if that was the problem but no still the same , then replaced the mobo and memory with the same results each time I've exhausted all the bios possibilities Can anyone help cheers Chaz

  Djohn 20:12 02 May 2003

If the clock speed is being shown as correct, but not the name of the CPU. IE: 1800XP+, then this is usually down to the BIOS not recognizing the chip and will be sorted with a BIOS up-grade, or Flash.

But only do this if the BIOS date is quite old, or you are having any other problems. J.

  Chaz10 22:51 02 May 2003

Thanks Djohn but the bios is dated 18 Feb 2003

Any Sugestions?

  woodchip 23:07 02 May 2003

Check the FIDJP jumper is the same as the old board that you have used before they may have altered the newer board also jp1 and jp2

  hillybilly 23:58 02 May 2003

I've built around 40 machine in the past six months. They were all built with the ECS K7S5A mobo. I used to get the same problem occur on some of these. For some reason the bios ran cpu speed at 100m. Go in and change that to 133 and it should display okay. I also had one which about every three weeks, would just shut down for no reason and when it was restarted it would be running at 100Mhz. Never found a cure for that one machine so stripped it into parts an sold!

  Blitzer 00:16 03 May 2003

A jumper on the motherboard for 100/133Mhz FSB?

  hillybilly 00:30 03 May 2003

Maybe on the K7S6A board Chaz10 said he was using but there is no jumper on th K7S5A that I've been using.

  Djohn 00:48 03 May 2003

But I had the K7S5A before changing for the 6A, and on the one I had, I think I saw the chap in the shop alter the jumpers on the board for this very same reason!

I do know, (From a phone call to Elite), that the K7S5A did have a change made to it in early 2001.

The ones before the change would read the CPU as an XP with update to BIOS, and I think, a change of the jumper setting.

The later ones just needed a BIOS flash, then after approx. Aug.2001, the boards would recognise the AMD CPU from the start.

  Sion 01:57 03 May 2003

Go to the bios, go to CPU P n P settings, and put the FSB to 133.

  ardvarc 08:39 03 May 2003

My previous K7S6A was version 1.0 with BIOS version 1.0d. FIDJP jumpers 1-2 were shorted and the BIOS CPU/RAM frequency was 133/133 for XP2000+, 512Mgb DDR2100 with 98SE OS. I think shorting jumpers 1-2 were for Auto CPU detection and the frequency to be set in BIOS.

  Chaz10 17:02 03 May 2003

Thanks all for the suggestions I've allready done the above and there are no jumpers on the mobo for 133mhz this is done in the bios I was wondering though if an AMD Palamino core is the same as an AMD thoughbred core, any advice

Thanks Chaz

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