AMD XP 2600 XP

  scooby43 19:11 13 Aug 2004

hi all whats the should be the cpu clock speed for the above processor. I have altered the setting on my soltek motherboard to 166mhz it shows it as 1.9ghz which I dont think is right.

  cream. 19:19 13 Aug 2004

A barton runs at 1.91Ghz

A thourghbred runs at 2.08 and 2.13ghz. So you may have a barton.

  Dorsai 19:32 13 Aug 2004

That is it. I have a Xp2000, and it runs at about 1600Mhz.

Gone are the days when the CPU number meant it's speed, A 486Dx66 ran at 66Mhz. These days the number is just that, a number, with no bearing on the actual speed of the CPU. It just means a XP2600 it faster than a XP2000 at doing benchmark tests. by about 2600/2000 or 1.3 times (very roughly) as 2000 times 1.3 is 2600.

Think, the VW golf MK5 was not five times faster that the VW golf MK1.

  scooby43 19:34 13 Aug 2004

ah it is a barton I just thought its meant to run at 2.3ghz

  scooby43 19:35 13 Aug 2004

could I just ask in thread about ram I posted another thread but didnt have any response to it I have 512 ddr 400 in new machine and I also have another 512 which is only 266fsb is it actually possable to run them both together?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 13 Aug 2004

click here AMD chips speed voltages temperatures etc.

  bremner 20:05 13 Aug 2004

Run the RAM together and it will all run at the slowest speed ie 266Mhz - so I wouldn't bother

  scooby43 21:26 13 Aug 2004

thanks for your advice if I need to ill just get another 512 ddr at 400

are bartons like cut down versions ? eg duron etc

  cream. 21:41 13 Aug 2004

No bartons are Superior versions of the thourghbred. Clock speed is not everything and though they run slightly slower they have 512K of cache instead of the 256K. This and the higher fsb, 166, makes the slower barton faster than the 2.13 ghz thourghbred.

No way can you confuse a barton with a duron.:-)

  scooby43 23:32 13 Aug 2004

thanks for the information

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