AMD X2 5200+

  mjf85 10:27 17 Nov 2006

HI all

I have just upgraded to one of these processors. Does anyone know the normal operation tempreture of these processors. I have been looking on and in their knowledge base but they only seem to go up to the 4800 + which is no good to me so I thought I would ask all of you nice people :)

Kind Regards

Mark furby

  sean-278262 10:36 17 Nov 2006

What is it pluged into, what is cooling it? What size case. There is no nominal value for these things. Is the room warmer than average? So long as it runs under load cooler than the max threshold it will be ok but what is a good temperature varies by the variables of what is attached and conditions it is used under.

  mjf85 10:44 17 Nov 2006

Hi Mate

Sorry here are a few more details :)

AMD AM2 Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHz 2x1MB L2 Cache
Sapphire Pure Crossfire 3200 Advantage AM2 HD 8 Channel Audio
Athlon 64/FX 60/Intel 6 x HeatPipe Cooler with Ali Fins & LED illuminated duct, H-sink only (Uni-Fitting (Website click here)
Antec SLK3000B Black Super Mid Tower Case - No PSU

The cooling has the CPU HS, and 2 System fans. Case is a normal Midi ATX. Room temp is about normal (cant give you exact readings as I am at work atm)

Max threshold is as far as I can tell 70 Degrees so running at 60 seems to be in the clear but I wanted to be sure as it does seem alot hotter than my last CPU

Kind Regards

Mark Furby

  User-312386 11:16 17 Nov 2006

that sounds a little to hot

You are running a midi atx so heat build up happens

What you need is a front case fan, pulling air in and a rear case fan pulling air out

  User-312386 11:19 17 Nov 2006

just saw

that case is not a midi atx case, its a normal case, that accepts ATX

I would put a front case fan in and a rear case fan

  mjf85 11:50 17 Nov 2006


There is a rear one in at the moment but I will put one in the front too. I have just been checking at work and our Athlon 64 3200's are running at 55 degrees so it might be normal for this poewr CPU.

I will put the second fan in anwyay as I dont like it being that hot and I will check later when I am home for system temp and CPU temp after a while of using them

Thanks for all the replies

Kind regards

Mark Furby

  ed-0 11:51 17 Nov 2006

The actual max temp for the windsor 5200+ varies from 55 to 70 degrees C.

if yours is running at 60 C, I would get some cooling in.

details on the winsor chip.
click here

  mjf85 12:09 17 Nov 2006


Thanks I will put some more in, but how can a Max temp vary by 15 degree's for the same model?

I have emailed AMD about this as well so I will post what they come back to me with for reference

Kind regards

Mark furby

  User-312386 12:30 17 Nov 2006

The temperature can vary because of the different countries

The chip can be say 65c in Africa but 50c in UK

  mjf85 12:35 17 Nov 2006

aRH :)

Ty makes sence when you put it like that. Right I have been looking on our HP DX5150 workstations at work here, running some AMD X2 proc, it does not say which but clocked at 2.19Ghz. these in BIOS are running at 57 Degree's CPU and 46 Degree's system tempretures so hopefully my AMD X2 5200+ clocked at 2.6 Ghz should not be over heating too badly at 60 Degrees.

I am going to wait for an email back from AMD on the matter before worrying too much about it. I my motherboard system shutdown tempreture set to 65 Degrees so if it gets too hot it will shutdown anyway while I look in to a solution.

Kind Regard

Mark Furby

  User-312386 12:57 17 Nov 2006

Is this temperature running at idle or under stress?

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