charlieyoyoboy 16:09 30 Dec 2006

I would welcome any feedback from people more knowledgable than myself.I wish to hand down my laptop to my daughter so its time to change.I am looking at a PB mv45-008 from currys or a HP dv6152eu from comet.It will be used for mainly internet use (be nice to see youtube as quickly and clearly as possible) some photo storage,some gaming use (although nothing to heavy).
Like the HP option cos the current one is brilliant and has never failed me although the general opinion seems that the core 2 duo is superior.
I like the inbuilt 1.3 mp webcam on the HP but is this just a gimmick.
Which seems to be the better overall option or should i consider an ACER (i know nothing about them).
Many thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:29 30 Dec 2006

There will be no difference that you would notice for the applications that you want to use. Go for the cheaper option and invest in a 2Gb memory stick.


  charlieyoyoboy 16:35 30 Dec 2006

Thanks for that,please explain why i would need a memory stick.

  TOPCAT® 16:36 30 Dec 2006

here's a review - AMD v Intel - the conclusion reached is interesting. TC.

click here

  charlieyoyoboy 16:37 30 Dec 2006

Sorry have also read that the AMD is 64 bit but the INTEL is more future proof.What is 64 bit,do i need it?

  charlieyoyoboy 16:46 30 Dec 2006

Thanks TC,interesting but more baffled than ever now,incidentally my laptop is basically a pc replacement so battery life is insignificant as it will be running off the mains.

  charlieyoyoboy 16:52 30 Dec 2006

Basically for your typical home laptop user,bit of gaming/photos/dvds/internet is there any significant difference?
Do i need ram,bus speed or cache?
Many thanks.

  sean-278262 17:01 30 Dec 2006

My sister has a HP 6000 series laptop that was 399. It is a nice machine with its AMD processor.

"Basically for your typical home laptop user,bit of gaming/photos/dvds/internet is there any significant difference?" The difference between the laptops processors is minimal for what you want. Look at the other features more than the processor really.

"Do i need ram,bus speed or cache?" Look for 1gb of ram, a 100gb hard drive is a minimum at this price point. Bus speed and cache you wont have a clue what it does so dont worry about it. Try to get a graphics card that is not a Sis or intel version as these use the main ram for their memory and are not as good as a dedicated one. Look for an ATI x300 or higher and you will find it does the trick for you.

Google both machines reviews from users of them and find out what people are saying of each in terms of flaws and pluses.

Acer make good laptops and you do get a lot more for your money.

  charlieyoyoboy 17:15 30 Dec 2006

My kind of answer COTN however i am a little reluctant to dismiss bus speed and cache,no i dont know what they do but i am eager to find out,in laymans terms,how they affect the running of a future purchase.

  sean-278262 17:22 30 Dec 2006

They dont affect the running of it in laymans terms all parts together make it faster but overall one with lots of cache and not a fast processor wont be as good as a balanced one.

Cache, like ram but smaller, temporary storage area for a processor. More is generally better but needs to be matched with a good collection of parts
Bus speed, the connection between the 2 parts and how fast they work.

It is like a car it can have a big engine and a very heavy body and be good but if it has a light body it will be lightning quick. Best comparison I can get on a couple of hours sleep.

  charlieyoyoboy 17:32 30 Dec 2006

Thanks again,so which of the two laptops i mentioned do you think is better?

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