AMD Sempron & the main difference's v Athlon XP ?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:58 19 Sep 2004

See there is a new AMD CPU in town called the Sempron. Usually like to build on the Athlon platfrom of Sok A(462) but the new Sempron from AMD apart from Price is higher is there a worthy cause for using a sempron.

In a more English question (sorry head still banging, has anyone used the Sempron yet and built a system into a Sok A motherboard and found it to be better ?

Wonder if the Athlon XP CPU's are going to drop in price now ?

  Gaz W 14:26 19 Sep 2004


Just got your post in my other thread...

Basically the way I understand it is the Sempron is a cut-down Athlon XP. The later Athlon XPs with the Barton core had 512KB L2 cache and ran on a 333MHz and I think 400MHz FSB, whereas the earlier ones (Thoroughbred possibly - I'm not sure about the different cores) had 256KB and ran on a 266MHz FSB.

The Sempron Socket A runs on a 333MHz FSB with 256KB L2 cache, so as far as I can tell it's better than the first Athlon XPs. The 2400+ I think has the same (or similar) clock speed to the Athlon XP 2000+, but it runs on a faster FSB speed and is around the same price.

Also, to confuse the issue further, the top Sempron processor isn't Socket A; it's Socket 754 like some Athlon 64 processors. It's basically a cut-down Athlon 64 I think, stripped of its 64 bit capabilities. I see little point in this CPU - if you have a Socket 754 board you might as well get an Athlon 64 anyway! I suppose it offers a decent upgrade path if AMD keep making CPUs for Socket 754.

Hope that helps, even if not entirely accurate!



  Sion 14:52 19 Sep 2004

Sempron is taking over from the Duron and AthlonXP chips in the budget stakes. They are actually just rebranded AthlonXP running at 333FSB rather than 266FSB. Although they do run at a lower clock speed. They can be found on Socket A and also on the new Socket 754. Athlon XPs are slowly being taken of the market by AMD, as they don't want to confuse people with Athlon 64 and XP.

Is it worth buying one? If your only use for your computer is word procesing, internet, etc... (anything but gaming or digital encoding) then yes, they are a good buy. They are faster than the Intel Celeron's, and also cheaper i believe.

If your a gamer or encoder however, i would go towards the Athlon 64 range.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:21 19 Sep 2004

been looking at the SPEC's of OEM builders like Evesham, Mesh using Sempron, not a lot to impress me "yet".

Thanks for the comments, think I will stick to the Athlon XP for a few months more.

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