AMD semipron v INTEL celron?

  QUADDRA 20:20 06 Oct 2005

The choice...AMD3000+ sempron processor 1.8 GHz or INTEL CELERON M 360 PROCESSOR 1.40 Ghz

Hi all, has anyone any experience with these portable processors? And which would you go for?
The computer will be used for school work, word processing, internet, DVDs, music, games etc anything and everything by my teenage doughter. “Kevin syndrome” restricts the budget, you no what I mean…


  Stuartli 20:29 06 Oct 2005


click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Should keep you going for a bit...:-)

  Strawballs 20:33 06 Oct 2005

My daughters machine (who is 21) has a sempron 2600+ which according to AIDA32 runs at 1.8 GHz handles anything that she has thrown at it except the games that get played on it are not the latest.

  Jonathan rawlins 20:45 06 Oct 2005

I would always myself go with a Intel Procesor. A friend of mine, there laptop is about 3 times as slow as others that are over a year old. It has a pentium M 1.5 gh. The sephron is brand new it is brand new. It has a sempron procesor.
If i was you, i would try and buy a pentium, becuase they are malty tasking machines, and semphron and celorns, are one task at a time machines. Atholons are like pentiums.
They cost about £120 more than the celon that you are thinking of. Here are two that i have made up on dell. the first one is a pentium, the second a celeron. click here evalu code to the pentium is: 305 - N10225 this is the celeron now and its evau u code. 305 - N10225click here

  Jonathan rawlins 20:46 06 Oct 2005

Im afraid the links take you to the same page. You only have to change the prosor to a pentium to get a difference.


  JYPX 21:24 06 Oct 2005

AMD every time. You have not mentioned the laptops that interest you but Acer link the Sempron with a proper graphics card. In the last issue of Personal Computer World an Acer Sempron 2800 laptop trounced the competition in a group test.

  Strawballs 21:41 06 Oct 2005

Why don't you ask at your work about the government Home Computer Initiative (HCI) you can pay for it weekly or monthly straight from your wages before the tax is deducted. I am using an HP Pavilion AMD Athlon64 3200+ 1Gig DDR ram Nvidea gforce 4 GO 64 meg graphics 80 gig HDD DVD writer 15.4 inch wide screen XP Home, office 2003 plus other software all for £8 per week and as it is taken before tax I only noticed a difference of about £6.
The backup is very good as well because after about 2 months the screen died and when I phoned the help line they put me through to HP who sent a courier round to collect it on a wednesday and it was back by the folloewing monday with a new screen.

  QUADDRA 22:30 06 Oct 2005

Hi all,
Thanks for the comments so far, Stuartli, Strawballs, Jonathan Rawlins, JYPX.
loads to think about, well impressed with all your comments.

Stuartli I will look into (HCI) Thanks, Do you know where I can get more info on this?

JYPX you may be interested. Your comments on these systems are appreciated.

More info…
Laptops in question

Processor: AMD Sempron Processor model number 3000+
Processor speed: 1.8 GHz
Front side bus: 1.6 Ghz
L2 cache: 256 Kb
Graphics: 128MB shared
Screen size: 15.4 brightwidescreen
Storage: 60 GB
RAM: 512 Mb
DVD ReWriter Drive
Records DVDs: 8x
Records CDs 24x
Built in wireless 802.11g
USB port(s) 3
Battery type: 8058
Stereo built-in
Windows XP Home
Microsoft Works Application Software

Processor: Intel Celeron M 360
Processor speed: 1.4GHz
Front side bus: 400 MHz
Cache: 1 Mb
Graphics: Intel 852 GM 64MB shared mb
Screen size: 15.4" TFT Widescreen
Storage: 50 Gb
RAM: 256 mb
DVD ReWriter Drive DVDRW+R9
Records: Not Specified
Records Cds: Not Specified
Wireless Enabled
USB port(s) 3
Battery type Li-ion
Sound Realtek AC 97
Windows XP Home
1 year FREE warranty

What do you think?

  woodchip 22:34 06 Oct 2005

This is what you want click here

  Strawballs 23:09 06 Oct 2005

click here Information on HCI

  JYPX 15:34 07 Oct 2005

The Acer looks good for a very cheap laptop. It will do all you want it to with one exception - games, but that is very much not my subject so hopefully someone else can comment. I guess it will come down to expectation on your daughters part. I have a similar model (3022WLMI)and am more than happy with it. The crystal brite screen is probably as good as anything that you can buy right now, never mind at this price level.

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