amd processors V intel processors

  jesta 20:27 10 May 2004

hi, i am finkin of gettin a new processor and was wonderin wot is the equivilent to amd athlon 64 3200+ for intel pentium?
hope u can help me

  stalion 21:53 10 May 2004


  Ivor_Monkey 22:09 10 May 2004

These guys might help
click here

  hugh-265156 22:14 10 May 2004

i dont know if they can be directly compared

one of many google hits on athlon 64 vs pentium click here bit out of date though

  woodchip 22:20 10 May 2004

There is not a P4 to match it. Check hear click here

have a look near bottom of page for what is going to be next year on bench mark. PS the P4 uses more power than a room light bulb. AMD64 the best

  ste_bla 05:20 11 May 2004

Isnt there an issue about certain hardware and/or software not working with 64's??

  rickimalone 12:51 11 May 2004

You cant compare as the AMD 3200+ 64 is ready for 64bit Software when it lands and P4's are not.

If your concerened with performance the a P4 3.2ghz HT with 1MB Level 2k is roughly around the same as the AMD62 3200+ with P4 stronger in 3D and AMD winning on office tasks (however their really is nothing in it) so it's really a case of whether you think you will still be running the machine when the 64bit windows o/s and software comes out and whether you will adapt to the 64bit platform ealy or not.

There is no issue with the AMD64's not running software and hardware the issue is the socket they use is going to be changed very soon for the new brand of AMD 64bit processors so if you want to upgrade in the future you will need a new motherboard latter on.

And with the Intel if you want to run 64bit Software latter on you will need a new CPU and Motherboard.

  ThePharcyde007 12:55 11 May 2004

Intel mate get a 3.4/800 like me!

  rickimalone 13:03 11 May 2004

Just wondered what RAM and Motherboard you are using that lets you use a 800FSB?????? and at what cost???

  GaT7 13:06 11 May 2004
  ThePharcyde007 13:09 11 May 2004

Intel Pentium 4 "Northwood" 3.4GHz (800FSB) with HT Technology. £300

1GB PC3200/DDR400 £148

Epox 4-PGEAI 800FSB £99.99

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