AMD processor promlems..........74 degrees

  dan boy 12:28 19 Feb 2004


Just built a new pc - AMD athlonXP 2500+ (barton),256mb DDR 333 RAM, Geforce 4 mx, Asus A7V8X-X mobo, win XP - but the temperature goes up scarily high. After playing Call of Duty for about 2 hours it reached 74degrees c. Ive now installed three fans but the temp is still at about 65 when playing same game for same time. Any ideas on what it could be or how i could resolve it?

PS - Using stock HSF so it should be okay. Should i try some thermal compound (if yes which and maybe a guide to applying it, as ive never done it before!)


Are you saying you have no thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink???!!!!

Yes use some if the answer to the above question is yes!!!


  dan boy 12:40 19 Feb 2004

No i do have some i just think it might be damaged or something!!!!!

The thermal paste was on the underside in a square shape, is that rught. Cos if it isn't then we do have a problem!!!!

  Gongoozler 12:45 19 Feb 2004

Hi dan boy. 74 deg is high, but is more likely to result in instability than damage the processor. If your heatsink came with compound already applied you shouldn't need any more, however if it didn't you need to apply a very thin layer. Coolermaster Premium Thermal Compound appears to be well recommended. Have a look at the customer reviews here click here.

  dan boy 12:47 19 Feb 2004

Ill have a look now, see if that will do the trick. Thnx though!


  Gongoozler 12:54 19 Feb 2004

Hi again. A common mistake is to apply too much thermal compound. Thermal compound is NOT a very good heat conductor, but it is a lot better than air. The important thing is for the compound to cover the contact area between the heatsink and the processor, and to fill any air voids. Then as long as the heatsink is properly seated on the processor all should be ok. If you decide to apply new compound, you will need to remove the stuff that the heatsink was supplied with. You only need additional case cooling if your monitor is reporting a high system temperature. If you do have additional cooling fans, make sure that the air is flowing across the motherboard, and the fans aren't fighting each other. Also ensure that the air can flow unrestricted into your heatsink fan and out of the heatsink fins.

  GuyR 13:42 19 Feb 2004

Dan boy,
I might be asking the obvious but the thermal pad needs the cover taking off to reveal the adhesive pad to get contact.
Plus you said you have 3 fans, you need to set at least one to pull air into the case and another to blow air out. There is usually an arrow on the side of the fan showing flow direction.

Temp is high my cpu normally around 42C

  georgemac 14:09 19 Feb 2004

runs at 65degC when fully loaded - as yours will be when playing a game.

I know my one is installed OK, with coolermaster thermal paste, a large coolermaster heatsink and fan on the cpu, one fan blowing in cool air from the bottom of the case and one extracting hot air at the back, and a twin fan psu - the twin fan psu had the best effect in reducing temps.

My PC is located in a built in 3 sided unit with an open front, and this is why the temps runs high - poor air circulation on the outside of the case, but I have been running like this for 2 years and have not fried a cpu (yet!)

If I move the tower out of the unit the temps drops immediately.

I recently replaced a giga byte motherboard which had failed with an asus motherboard, and my cpu temp at full load now shows 51 degC on ASUS probe, but I do not believe it. I installed mother board monitor to check and it was still telling me 65 degC - I don't know why there is such a large difference.

My case is very hot to touch at the top - but like I say it runs fine, it used to bother me but not now - as long as the thermal cut out on the mobo works - fine. I have set it to 65degC, which in reality is probably 80 degC.

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