AMD Processor

  denali 19:03 10 Dec 2005

Please forgive the repost: Iposted this a while back.

Anyone have any idea where I can get an AMD Socket A 1.2 processor.? I have spent three days searching the net.and have not even come close. Many thanks.

I received this reply from hughie591.
denali i saw your cry for help about an amd processor,so i had a dig in my junk box and came up with an amd athalon axda 2000ut3c i think that what it says on the top,my eyes aint what they used to be. if its any good give me hoy.

I answered the post but unfortunately I ended up in hospital the same day. Anyone any idea how to solve my problem.? I tried an e-mail to the little yellow thing but no luck.

  wobblymike 19:30 10 Dec 2005

try e bay

  denali 19:43 10 Dec 2005

wobblymike: Thanks for the response. Got one from there. Had to get my money back

  sidecar sid 19:45 10 Dec 2005

Not cheap but
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 19:48 10 Dec 2005

You might find it possible to buy a complete system with one in it....

  denali 19:50 10 Dec 2005

sidecar sid: Thanks for the link. I will have a good look through it

  denali 19:52 10 Dec 2005

Diodorus Siculus: Any idea where?.

  wobblymike 20:29 10 Dec 2005

reb your e bay response I've been there too, however I have also got a load of excellent deals on e bay - I would not let one bad experience put you off pick a seller with a good feedback rating, chances are you'll be fine e.g in my 310 transactions I've had only 3 bad ones.

  Quiller. 20:30 10 Dec 2005

click here
click here

Or if it's the 200Mhz model cpu you need. You could slam in a 1900+ and run at 200mhz. This will give you 1.2Ghz. Acouple of MP's here click here. One spare?

  denali 20:52 10 Dec 2005

Thanks a lot chaps. I am sure what I want is in at least one of the links

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