AMD or INTEL????

  [email protected]!nt 12:24 09 Jun 2004

The biq question!

I am currently saving to build a new(and my first) complete system. Which would be best to go for, the AMD 64 3400 or the P4 3400??

Also which motherboard would be best for each CPU? I want a motherboard in the 70-90 pound region that has 2 IDE channels and some SATA channels aswell. Also, atleast 2 DIMM slots.

The other thing playing on my mind is the instalation of drivers, what drivers do I need and do they need to be installed in any specific order?

SATA drivers are not required because I am going for IDE drives.

The full system will be...

AMD 64 3400 or P4 3400
1 GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
Gainward Geforce FX5900XT (from current set up)
Sound Blaster Audigy LS
Pioneer DVD 107 DVD-RW
Maxtor DiamondMax9 80GB x2
Antec True Blue 450W PSU (from current set up)

All of this will be in a Lian Li case.

  [email protected]!nt 12:32 09 Jun 2004

PS.Also, I want to transfer data from my current HD to one of the new MDM9's which will be used for storage. Would it be easier to connect the new HD to my current system or to network it across?

If I plugged the new drive into my current system would it work straight away or would I have to do anything? If so, step by step guide please!!

  inneedofhelp 14:42 09 Jun 2004

if u can afford it, then go for the AMD 64 bit. That will last you a while, however I am waiting for the prices to drop before i buy one. I would buy a AMD 2800 and overclock it, and wait 6months+ before i bought a 64bit amd. Intel = NO

  JayDay 14:54 09 Jun 2004

AMD - Far beeter value for money.

  [email protected]!nt 15:09 09 Jun 2004

Oooops, didnt mean to click resolved. Any one else got an opinion? And anyone have anything to say on the matter of drivers and data transfer??

  inneedofhelp 14:52 10 Jun 2004

once the new system is up and running tottaly, then it would be far easier to just plug it staight into your own computer on the 2nd ide channel. If it doesnt appear in my computer when you turn it back on, right click my computer, go to properties and find the drive to activate it

  [email protected]!nt 18:49 10 Jun 2004

Can someone tell me about the drivers that I need to install once Windows has been installed please.

Isnt it something like chipset(does this mean CPU or mobo), DirectX and graphics?

  [email protected]!nt 18:52 10 Jun 2004

PS. I have decided on the AMD Athlon 64 3400 and the ABIT IC7 "Canterwood" Motherboard. Any thoughts suggestions??

Help with the drivers!! Do I need them on floppy or CD??

  Totally-braindead 19:02 10 Jun 2004

You're better doing a clean install to ensure that you get rid of all the old drivers, install windows first then the motherboard drivers including the onboard sound if you have it then the graphics and modem, lastly the peripherals such as scanners printers etc. Regarding which CPU to buy, personally I'd buy the AMD, not because its better or anything just because it is much better value. Regarding the advice to buy and overclock the 2800 I personally wouldn't but that of course is up to you.

  Rayuk 19:07 10 Jun 2004

Why would you want to buy an AMD cpu and an Intel motherboard,think perhaps you had better have a quick rethink.

  [email protected]!nt 19:08 10 Jun 2004

There doesnt need to be "a clean install to ensure that you get rid of all the old drivers" because it is going to be a brand new system. The drivers for the motherbaord will come on the CD(i think).
I am going to be using the same graphics card as I have at the moment, so I guess it would be a case of installing the drivers off of the CD and then downloading the updated patch?

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