Amd Heatsink fiitting

  paulmo101 18:39 27 Feb 2004


I`m looking to build my first PC using a AMD 2400+ retail pack processor. The pack includes a Heatsink and fan. The heatsink has a strip of cellophane to be peeled back before attaching to the processor. This covers the thermal transfer compound. I`m a little confused by AMD instructions though as to if you have to uncover the compound a spread it out or just uncover it and fit to the processor?
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The above is alink to the AMD fitting info page.
I was wondering if anybody had fitted this type of heatsink and could give me any advice?


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  roy 18:46 27 Feb 2004

The advice that I have been given is just to remove the plastic strip and then attach to the processor. I recently did just this with a pc upgrade and it is running ok.

  woodchip 18:53 27 Feb 2004

Your CPU although it look's big the chip in the Middle is only about Half inch square. So just remove the tape and put the Sink on top then fit the Fan with the clip each side on the little white plastic hooks try not to use a screwdriver as if you slip and damage the printed circuit you will need a new board

  sidecar sid 18:56 27 Feb 2004

Have a look here scroll down the page to the installing an Athlon XP,Heatsink and RAM.

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  961 19:31 27 Feb 2004

These are all correct

You don't need do anything other than remove the tape and then fit the parts together

  fred 21:10 27 Feb 2004

I had a problem when, unknown to me, the cellophane had been removed eariier and exposed to air. This caused the CPU to shut down PDQ due to overheating. Worth removing the pad and using some heat sink compound,

  961 10:14 28 Feb 2004

Yes, but if you have bought a retail pack processor and heatsink/fan then the product is guaranteed by AMD to work out of the box, unless you start to remove the compound the manufacturer has applied and second guess by installing some of your own

  paddyjack 10:50 28 Feb 2004

All the info you want at AMD itself try here click here

  paulmo101 11:13 28 Feb 2004

Thanks to everybody for the responses.

I confident about fitting the heatsink now.



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