amd duron to amd athlon

  billy the fish 09:52 28 Feb 2004

is it possible to upgrade an amd duron prossesor to an amd athlon ???????

  Chegs ® 09:56 28 Feb 2004

Usually yes.I did.

  wossie 10:04 28 Feb 2004

You should check with the motherboard manufacturer to see what Athlon CPU's are supported by your board the pin configuration is the same Duron/Athlon/AthlonXP but the frontside bus can vary 200/266/333, this can be set in the BIOS to get the CPU recognised at its correct speed 100/133/166. Enjoy. Wossie.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 10:12 28 Feb 2004

u could do a motherboard upgrade, that will fit the AMD Athlon u want browse around for some on click here

  bananaslik 10:24 28 Feb 2004

yes, as wossie says you will have to check your mobo manual to see if the board will take will physicaly fit in but the board probably won't run it.a year agio i bought an msi mobo (cost £95)shop told me it would take all the new cpu's.recently i wanted to update the cpu (old one being a duron 750)the largest i could fit in was a duron 1400.needles to say that shop has now closed down(good)

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