AMD Duron 1300 - operating temperature

  bullseye50 10:54 13 Feb 2003

My AMD CPU Duron 1300 is working at 52 degrees. It seems a bit high - What is the recommended temperature?

  BrianW 10:58 13 Feb 2003

If that is the max operating temp it is not excessive. If however that is the temperature when it is in its rest state then it is a bit high (typically 35 - 40 C).

  Philip2 14:40 13 Feb 2003

I have an AMD on my computer the operating temperature seems tobe between 49 and 52 degrees
i have not had any problems as these CPU'S run hotter than Intel.

  Dave123 14:42 13 Feb 2003

my AMD 1800 CPU hovers around 60C, but seems ok

  bullseye50 14:47 13 Feb 2003

Thanks Brian - it is the idle temp and I have purchased a thermal compound (artic silver)to apply to the chip. Unfortunately there are no instructions on how much or where it should be applied. Can you help.

  anthonyl 15:09 13 Feb 2003

the arctic silver sould be placed between the CPU and the heatsink.

You only need to put a thin covering on the core - thats that chip in the middle.

it shouldn't be put on any other parts of the chip, as the core is the part in contact with the heatskink.

the arctic silver is there to seal the miniscule gaps between the core and the heatsink, so not much is needed.

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