AMD CPU Upgrade - Different Core?

  pcmuppet 09:03 12 Nov 2006

Hi, I want to upgrade my AMD Athlon 3800 x2 CPU for a 4200 or even a 4600 my motherboard supports socket 939. However when looking for a new CPU the AMD range quote differing cores e.g. san diego, manchester. Do I need to match my existing processor core and if so how do I find that out? Thanks.

  DrScott 09:20 12 Nov 2006

Don't worry too much about the cores - they refer to a manufacturing line and are more important for overclocking. The slower CPUs tend to overclock to the same speed as a faster CPU on the same line. Having said that, some cores are seen as slightly better than others, but tbh you're unlikely to notice the difference.

The socket is the main thing - just make sure you don't buy an AM2 CPU and try to run it on a 939 mobo!

  pcmuppet 09:36 12 Nov 2006

Thanks to Dr Scott for the quick response!

  cream. 10:04 12 Nov 2006


Check with your motherboard web site. Just because the motherboard takes a 939 does not mean that it will automatically take the larger cpu. You maybe at your limit.

You could end up spending a couple of hundred pounds on a cpu that may not run in your machine.

It is always best to check.

  DrScott 10:24 12 Nov 2006

But if it's already running a 3800 X2 it's unlikely not to cope with a 4600 X2 - well nothing a BIOS update couldn't fix...

That reminds me... pcmuppet make sure you flash your BIOS first before installing the new CPU.

  cream. 18:34 12 Nov 2006

Do you know what make and model of motherboard you have. Just to check what cpu it can take. Just because it is running a 3800 X2 now, is no guarantee that it will run a 4600.

As to flashing your bios, don't do that unless you have some unresolved problems. Remember there is always a slight chance that a motherboard can be ruined by a bad flash. If there is no reason to flash, then don't.

  DrScott 19:34 12 Nov 2006

your motherboard won't take a 4600 X2 without a BIOS flash?!

If you are concerned about flashing then click here might help.
click here this will help in the unlikely event a flash goes wrong (never has yet for me).

To be fair the original question was not 'How do I upgrade my CPU?', but 'Do I need to match my existing processor core and if so how do I find that out?'

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