AMD CPU speed.

  Bowsprit 20:38 01 Jun 2004

I have an AMD Athlon xp 2600 CPU and in the BIOS the system clock speed is shown as 166MHz and the miltiplier as 12.5 so the CPU speed should be 2.07GHz.In my computer/general it is shown as 1.25GHz and Belarc says it is 1.25GHz.Why the big difference.

  rickf 20:43 01 Jun 2004

The clock speed is running at 100MHz. Perhaps you need to set the jumpers on them/b? Maybne it is running at default which would be 100. What m/b have you got?

  Gongoozler 20:51 01 Jun 2004

Belarc is very good as a simple report on what components are in your system, but it is quite limited in its scope. AIDA32 click here gives much more detailed information, including your FSB speed and multiplier. Your BIOS also probably reports these figures.

  Bowsprit 21:21 01 Jun 2004

rickf-never even noticed the frequency was set to 100.Motherboard is Asus A7N8X.Can't find users manual

Gongoozler-It seems you can't get Aida now as website is closed and your redirected to Lavalys and i had to download Everest.Everest says 12.5x100.

  safemode 21:43 01 Jun 2004

problem solved

  Gongoozler 21:46 01 Jun 2004

Hi Bowsprit, it appears that Tamás Miklós the writer of AIDA32 has joined Lavalys, so I would guess that Everest is the reincarnation of AIDA32. In any case it would appear that Everest is giving you the information you need.

For your manual, try click here

  Bowsprit 22:05 01 Jun 2004

I replied already but i seems SAFEMODE above may have my message as something is wrong with site tonight as it's shutting down etc. for no reason.

Found manual.Checked jumper and it's correctly set at 333/266.What next ?

  woodchip 22:06 01 Jun 2004

If it's a 2600 it should be set to at least 133 not 100 I have a 1600xp and have shoved that up to 150 with no probs

  Bowsprit 22:19 01 Jun 2004

Apart from jumpers can FSB be changed from 200MHz to 333MHz (which it should be) in Bios.

  woodchip 22:19 01 Jun 2004

It needs altering in the BIOS

  rickf 22:26 01 Jun 2004

You haven't said what m/b you are using. Is this a new build? It may be that you have to clear the cmos memory by taking out the battery for a short duration. How you do this depends on your m/b. Reinstall the battery, then reset Bios to the correct setting. In this case, I think its 166x12.5. Don't forget to set the jumpers on the m/b first if you have them. Disconnect before you take out the battery orm it won't clear properly. Hope this helps.

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