AMD CPU 2800

  changi 13:49 03 May 2004

Can a PC Power up without a CPU in.

How can I test the CPU.

I can get no Power up with or without it

The PSU is New and working fine, I have a New ASRock K7S8X M/B in. all leads have been checked several times. as nothing happens I do not know were else to look, Suggestions PLEASE.


  rickf 13:54 03 May 2004

Hope this is not a stupid suggestion. Have you plugged in the AMD lead and not the P4 12v lead.The K7SX8E+, then latest of this model have both. Sorry if you already knew this.

  rickf 13:54 03 May 2004

should read "the"

  rickf 13:55 03 May 2004

Also worth checking memory modules are seated properly. Deduce by slotting one by one.

  Rayuk 14:19 03 May 2004

You could try starting it up out of the case,just to make sure it isnt shorting

  rickf 14:21 03 May 2004

Apologies. My mistake. Your board is only for AMD.

  rickf 15:46 03 May 2004

Changi, Thanks for message. I assume you have checked graphics as well. Perhaps the m/b is DOA? or was it working. Not clear as to whether the cpu or the m/b is new. Perhaps you could confirm on the forum and others with more knowledge might be able to help and make more suggestions.

  rickf 15:47 03 May 2004

Also which cpu is it and how much mem. The Asrock takes certain types of mem. with different capacity. Look at their website for info on your m/b.

  rickf 18:06 03 May 2004

Just bump it for you as I am interested in this prob. too. Just about to buy the Asrock K7S8XE+ this wk.

  trickydicky 18:23 03 May 2004

have you connected all of the front panel wires to the motherboard correctly as pushing the power button will not start the boot process. Have you read the manual section that tells you how to connect them

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