AMD Barton Cores and FSB's...

  Phil930 15:48 29 Apr 2004

My mobo supports up to 400 FSB. I alread have DDR400 Dual Channel memory in place and am now looking for the processor upgrade.

By retail, the perfect processor for my computer would be the AMD XP3200 with its 400FSB. however i have heard that all Barton cores can be overclocked to the 400FSB anyway, so is there a need for me to buy the XP3200.

If not, i would buy say an XP2800 and overclock it. For this i would need an unlocked processor i am told. Overclocking this XP2800 to 400FSB would be great, however would i do the processor any damage from its default 333 FSB. Its not black and white to me as both processors have the same core.

I currently reside in the USA and if anyone can point me in the direction of websites that sell these so called unlocked processors that would be great. Or, would i be better off just sticking to the XP3200. With this is mind, could i push the XP3200 past its 400FSB or has anyone else has success with this?

  Aspman 16:05 29 Apr 2004

I read up on the Barton core processors before buying a 2500+ (but they supllied a 3000+ by accident, oops). Lot of sites tried over clocking these processors but with not a great deal of success. The 3200+ particularly did not move much when ocd. A little but not a lot. I don't think these processors are particularly suited to overclocking.

Saying that that was 6 months ago and it is possible that newer mobos might have more success.

They all run quite hot so you'd need some serious cooling to oc a 2800+. The AMD boxed cooler can't cope with a stock 3000+ never mind an ocd processor.

  [dtcs] [email protected] 16:20 29 Apr 2004

im not sure, but i read somewhere that the new athlonXP chips have been unless you are lucky enough to get an old one (backstock) i dont think it'll be unlocked!

I recently tried overclocking an Athlon 2600XP Barton core by increasing the clock multiplyer but it wouldn't play ball; the computer becoming unstable. Increasing the voltage slightly did have a small effect. Apparently the ease of overclocking or otherwise,depends on the week of production!!!
Some interesting observations on athlon overclocking click here

  Rayuk 17:26 29 Apr 2004

My advise would be to get a 2500+ Barton OEM [and up it to default multiplier of 11]together with a good heatsink and fan.

The latest hot cpu for overclockers is the mobile Athlon2500+[the one that runs at 1.45]

One thing to note does your motherboard have an agp lock on it so you dont overclock the agp and pci

  Phil930 18:36 29 Apr 2004

i am unsure if i have an agp lock. My motherboard is the asus A7N8X.

And Superlocked...what does this mean? locked for good? why would amd lock processors so end users cant configure them how they wish to?

  [dtcs] [email protected] 21:45 01 May 2004

super-locking the processors is something most AMD lovers are not happy about...but amd are losing lots of money by letting people buy cheap chips and running them at the same speed as more expensive one........most presume this is why they have started 'super-locking' there chips, but no-one really knows for sure. What it means is that motherboards which may usually unlock the multiplier for you, don't! There is a way to get around this, but it is very complex and unless you really know what you're doing,i wouldn't advise trying it. As for the 3200+, they will hardly overclock, most motherboards aren't capable of running over 200MHZ fsb, so overclocking is very limited.

HTH Danny

(which version of the A7N8X is it?)

  Phil930 03:01 03 May 2004

A7N8X Version 2.0 supporting up to the 400FSB. I currently have BIOS version 1007.

  sctang 04:07 03 May 2004

I would recommend you getting a mobile athlon XP2500+, these chips can run at 1.45v's as opposed to the standard 1.65v's of their desktop equivalents.

Yes, all bartons can run smoothly at 400fsb, however, I know that theres a bad batch of xp3200+ bartons that have trouble running at 400fsb.

I'm currently running a mobile xp2500+ @ 2000mhz (10x200) at 1.45v's and is Prime stable. (prime is a program to check the cpu for any errors). The advantage of having a mobile athlon is that they are unlocked and can run cooler due to their low voltage needs.

All mobile athlons can run at XP3200+ speeds, which is 2200mhz @ 400FSB. Mine can do 2500mhz easily, but for day to day needs 2000mhz is sufficient.

As you are in the states i would check out click here to find a mobile athlon.

Hope all this info helps.

  sctang 04:16 03 May 2004

By the way, your mobo the nforce2 based A7N8X will have no probs running @ 400FSB as it's a version 2.

If you are interested in what i'm using, it's the Abit NF7-S. Heast sink and fan = Coolermaster Aero7+. Idle temp 41 degrees c, underload 46 degrees c.

  dfghjkl 12:46 03 May 2004

i bought my 2500+ last november and i can oc it.try google,i entered "overclocking 2500+ barton" i got more than enough info,including,chip batches,tips to unlock the cpu,recommended memory and cooling, can turn a 2500+ into a 3200+.good luck.peter.

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