AMD Athlon64

  BRUM-WELSH 12:54 23 Oct 2006

hi to you all
i am confused as i bought a pc from Tiny last year,and they went bust!they gave me a AMD3400+,180gb hard drive,AMD Athalon 64,512 ram,XP pro sp2(with no disc).is this pc up to date,as i gather from some posts on the forums that 64 bit isnt available yet?any help is most not too computer minded even now!
Many thanks

  donki 13:34 23 Oct 2006

Your computer seems to be about of entry level standard, will run all progams and games (depending on ur GFX card) and AMD call the processor u have the AMD Athalon 64 and the 3400+ is a reference to the clock speed, not 3.4GHz thou. U can find the clock speed of it on there homepage. Anything elsE?

  BRUM-WELSH 07:43 24 Oct 2006

thanks for the help donki

  User-312386 05:05 29 Oct 2006

Windows XP 64bit version is available

However, the operating system you are most probably using is the 32 bit version

  drybones 11:01 31 Oct 2006

My computer is running amd athlon64 3400 the basic settings will give you a speed of 2.4 ghz it can be overclocked to run up to 2,7 ghz but will not run as stable when set to run on basic settings if this helps at all

  User-312386 20:10 31 Oct 2006

You can't overclock on the "basic settings"

You have to tweak it

  ed-0 20:15 31 Oct 2006

Just be carefull with which cpu you have.

The athlon64 3400+ comes in two flavours 2.2Ghz and 2.4Ghz.

A AMD 3400+ comes in four flavours, the above, a 2.0 Ghz and a 1.8Ghz model.

  drybones 18:05 01 Nov 2006

madboy33 according to my Bios cpu overclock in MHz is 200 this gives a speed of 2.41GHz setting this to 210 MHz gives 2.52 GHz the highest Iv'e tried is 220 MHz which gave me 2.7+ does this not make the Base or "basic" setting 200MHz Iwas only aware of two versions of this cpu the newcastle core and the clawhammer core but I will accept you probably know more about the subject than me so I bow to your knowledge after all i'm only new to this game and will accept tidbits from anyone.many thanks its good to talk

  ed-0 19:17 01 Nov 2006

64bit cpu's

Under model number click here, pop in 3400+ and see the nine matches.

You can check on most 64bit AMD cpu's from there.

  drybones 20:14 01 Nov 2006

Useful knowledge many thanks

  User-312386 07:51 10 Nov 2006

That is overclocking

You have therefore tweaked the CPU and the settings are no longer "basic"

However, i would lower the DDR timing and lower the HT to get better results

Remember to keep an eye on your temperatures throughout.

I have a AMD370064 (2.2ghz) (1MB L2 cache) and can get the CPU up to 3GHZ, however, the temperatures start creaping up, so be careful

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