AMD Athlon xp 3200+ slow performance!

  juggler73 15:38 02 Jan 2005

Windows XP Pro
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ barton core 400mhz "NEW"
Optronix OP-A28K6-AL7 "NEW"
512mb DDR ram 400mhz 2x256mb
Samsung HDD 160gb SP1614N
Samsung HDD 160gb SP1604N
Geforce Fx 5200 128mb"not that great but next thing to change"


I purchased a new motherboard "Optronix OP-A28K6-AL7" and a new AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400mhz and installed it myself. All seemed to go ok detected Processor and ram and HDD's etc. So i installed XP and came to the name setup and network setup did all that and then as i clicked finish it took over a 2 minutes to get to the welcome screen and then into Windows "i thought to myself is that right" but i carried on by installing 4 in 1 drivers for motherboard and it retarted as it does. it booted back up but when it got to the Window XP Pro Splash Screen the blue little bar that goes across on the XP Pro splash screen goes across about 20 times then the screen goes black for 30 to 40 seconds maybe more and then welcome seems to be the fastest that comes up for 2-3 seconds and then back to Windows. I thought to myself that it must of been installing the drivers at startup that why it took so long,
Then i installed the sound card drivers it restarted the same happened again and again i just thought it was installing drivers at startup and i installed Trend Micro firewall and antivirus, Office 2003, Media Player 10, Nero, Adware and there all seem to stutter on the install boxes so i know that the Pc is not right, performance is all wrong it dont seem smooth just stuttery

I've tried everything i can think of-

Reinstalled Windows Xp 3 times and the same as happened
new drivers for motherboard
all new drivers for everything "sound graphics etc"
updated Motherboard bios
taking the ram out and tried with just one and then the other
changed IDE cables from 40 pin to 80 pin
theres no conflicts in device manager

Having a AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ before and upgrading to 3200+ i think there would be some performance boost or is it just me?

  ICF 15:43 02 Jan 2005

Have you been into the bios and checked your processor has been detected correctly.If not you may need to set the multiplier manually and/or update your bios.Also your memory might need manually setting up in the bios.

  User-312386 15:43 02 Jan 2005

Have you any PCI cards fitted? Modems normally cause conflicts

  juggler73 16:39 02 Jan 2005

bios detects 3200+ 400mhz and windows sees it at 3200+ 2.2ghz
ram is set to 200mhz with the jumpers on motherboard by default
ive updated my bios as it can be done in windows thank god and the problem hasn't gone
but i thinking that its the hard drives conflicting with the motherboard
and no i have no pci cards installed
sound onboard
lan onboard
cheers for the responses guys

  jg1990 16:50 02 Jan 2005

the ram should be set to 400mhz.

This is usually done in the bios, so, when your computer is first booting it usually says something like press Del to enter setup, this may be a different key on your m/b though.

Hope this helps, James

  juggler73 17:07 02 Jan 2005

yeah it is set at 400mhz its just the multiplier that is set at 200mhz

at bios start up it is 400mhzdrr in white

  Bleep 17:26 02 Jan 2005

Thats very poor advice if he set his FSB to 400Mhz in the BIOS he would fry his chip and RAM and the whole PC.

200Mhz is what it should correctly be @ and if the BIOS is detecting a AMD 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz the your settings are fine.

Sounds software related.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:34 02 Jan 2005

Bleep is right, 200MHz is the speed the fsb should be set to and the cpu clock multiplier set to 11.

  jg1990 17:34 02 Jan 2005

I wasn't refering to the FSB.

  woodchip 17:39 02 Jan 2005

AS you have Ms Office, go to start\Run type MSCONFIG press enter Startup tab, remove tick by Office fast find it does not need to run at start, I would also check to see if you need other things to start at boot just do one at a time. And test the boot speed

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:42 02 Jan 2005

The ram should be set to 200MHz, normally by setting the fsb. 400MHz just refers to the effective ram speed with ddr enabled at dimms.

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